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heat energy transfer

Energy that is transferred between objects of different temperatures. Define Heat Energy
The measure of the amount of average kinetic energy of molecules in a substance Define Temperature
Heat energy will continue to be exchanged until all objects have the same temperature. This is called ___. Define Thermal Equilibrium
Heat is able to transfer through a material; heat is transferred when 2 or more objects are in contact or from molecule to molecule Define Conduction
Heat energy is transferred through fluids due to unequal heating Define Convection
Heat energy that moves through empty space in the form of waves Define Radiation
A material that allows heat to flow through it well Define Conductor
A material that slows down the transfer of heat energy; can be used to "trap" heat Define Insulator
The energy of motion Define Kinetic energy
The expansion of matter due to the addition of heat energy Define Thermal Expansion
If you wanted to keep a cup of coffee warmer longer, which material would be best to use--cardboard, styrofoam, plastic, metal? styrofoam
Which will absorb more heat energy on a sunny day--a rabbit with black fur or white fur? Black fur
Why does the color white absorb less than the color black? White reflects more heat waves than black
Will the shiny or dull side of aluminum foil aborb more heat energy and WHY? the dull, because it reflects less heat
Heat energy always flows in which direction? from higher temperatures to lower temperatures
Heat in the earth's mantle, moves largely by which heat transfer method? Convection
Which heat transfer method is largely responsible for the Earth's weather? Convection
Why does the handle of a plastic spoon get less hot than the handle of a metal spoon when left in a pot of hot soup? the Plastic spoon is an insulator of heat energy. The metal spoon is a good conductor.
What happens to molecules of matter when heat is added? The molecules move faster, begin to expand, and can become less dense than before.
When frying an egg, which method of heat transfer is used? Conduction
When microwaving an egg (without its shell), what type of heat transfer is being used? Radiation
1. When boiling an egg, what type of heat transfer occurs to heat the water? 2. How is heat being transferred to the pan from the flame burner? 3. How is heat being transferred from the bottom of the pan to the water in contact with the bottom of pan? 1. Convection, 2. Radiation, 3. Conduction
You are standing near a large bonfire. By what method is the heat largely transferring to you? Radiation
You notice a snake resting on a rock on a sunny day. By what method(s) is the snakes body being heated as it sits, basking in the sun? Heat is transferring to him from the sun (radiation) and the rock (conduction).
People are in a building when it catches on fire. Using what you know about heat transfer explain why they should stay low to the ground as they exit? The fire is producing smoke which is deadly when inhaled. The heated smokey air molecules begin moving faster causing them to expand. The hot, expanded smokey gas will now rise above the less hot air because it has become less dense.
Why is copper sometimes used on the bottom of pots and pans? Copper is a good conductor of heat and therefore the pan (and contents) will be able to heat up quicker than some other metals.
energy produced by the movement of a substance's particles Define thermal energy
How does a jacket keep you warm on a cold winter day? The materials it's made from are insulators. The materials slow down the transfer of your body heat from your body to the environment (it traps your body heat)
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