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Level D Unit 7 Sent.

Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 7 Sentences

SentenceBLANK Answer
The rest the ___ ( ) is full of life with millions of people living together in the city, coming and going, day and night. Metropolis (n)
The metropolis is a crowded place, and if there is anything that millions of people are good at doing when they get together, it is creating an ___ ( ) amount of trash. Exorbitant (adj)
Beneath our ___ ( ) traffic of the street, rats scavenge for food among the waste that we leave behind. Obstreperous (adj)
The ___ ( ) rats that wander through our cities can grow to be ten inches long and two pounds in weight. Vagrant (adj)
Some urban rats live underground, ___ ( ) through the sewers and subways, while others nest in alleyways and in proximity to parks or garbage cans. Meandering (adj—participial phrase)
Antonio told Maybelle that the restaurant customers had registered complaints about her ___ ( ) disposition; she would have to lose the ill-tempered attitude if she wanted to keep her job. Surly (adj)
It was a ___ ( ) journey over the mountains, for wherever we stepped there were ice-covered crevasses into which we could have plunged. Perilous (Adj)
If you have ever seen a cockroach speeding across the floor or seen a countertop ____ ( ) with ___ ( ) roaches scrambling for cover, you won't soon forget the sight. Inundated (adj)// Spritely (adj)
No wonder the cockroach is so often ___ ( )! Roaches sneak into homes like rats through cracks and pipes or through tiny spaces left by shoddy repairs. Maligned (verb)
In the ___ ( ) between the time you go to bed and wake up in the morning a bed bug will crawl on to your body and feed on your blood like mosquito does for up to five minutes. Interim (noun)
The ___ ( ) of pesticides has limited the spread of vermin, but with so many pests to keep at bay, keeping our homes and cities clean remains a ___ ( ) task. Momentous (adj)
Don't make ___ ( ) excuses: Keep kitchens and bathrooms clean and dry and put food away when you are finished eating. Bogus (adj)
We may not ever say, “___” ( ) to all the pests that dwell among us, but we can each do something to keep the places where we live clean and free of pests that thrive in the mess that humans leave behind. Adieu (interjection)
I feel that a symphony orchestra is just as important to a ___ ( ) as a big department store or a major league sports team. Metropolis (noun)
The ___ ( ) of texting has revolutionized the way in which people communicate with one another. Advent (noun)
His talk ___ ( ) aimlessly through memories of his youth, descriptions of his children, and criticisms of the administration. Meandered (verb)
I have no respect for people who are unfailingly courteous to their superiors but ___ ( ) to the employees under them. Surly (adj)
I don't know which is worse— your failure to keep your promises to me or your ___ ( ) excuse for lying about it. Shoddy (adj)
The bylaws state that any member who speaks in an ____ ( ) manner is to be quieted by the sergeant at arms. Obstreperous (adj)
I lay there quietly, looking at the clouds and allowing ___ ( ) thoughts to pass through my mind. Vagrant (adj)
When we asked for suggestions on how to improve our schools athletic program, we were ___ ( ) by “bright ideas” from all sides. Inundated (verb)
The governor appointed a member of the State Assembly to serve as an ___ ( ) senator until a new election can be held. Interim (adj)
Only after Lincoln's death did most people appreciate the great qualities of the man who had been so ___ ( ) in his own lifetime. Maligned (verb)
Churchhill once said that if a nation tries to avoid everything that is hard and ___ ( ) it will weaken its own security. Perilous (adj)
I suffered a substantial financial loss and an even greater loss of faith in human nature when I tried to cash his ___ ( ) check. Bogus (adj)
Most people agree that Elizabethan drama reached its ___ ( ) in the matchless plays of Shakespeare. Apex (noun)
One of the glories of America has been its ability to ___ ( ) immigrants from every part of the globe. Assimilate (infinitive)
You have reached the stage of life where you must expect to say “___ ” ( ) to childhood and take on the responsibilities of a young adult. Adieu (interjection)
My mother's recipe for lemon meringue pie is a ___ ( ) blend of tartness and sweetness. Sprightly (adj)
Was any event in American history more ___ ( ) than the decisions of the Continental Congress in 1776 to break away from Great Britain? Momentous (adj)
I know that you are eager to have this pretty dress for the junior prom, but don't you think the price is a little___ ( )? Exorbitant (adj)
When the new recruits refused to budge from their foxholes, the enraged sergeant let loose with a ___ ( ) of insults and abuse. Tirade (noun)
It was amazing to see how that quiet, ___ ( ) teenager changed into a tough hard driving leader. Pensive (adj)
The trail that winds through the park ___ ( ) through a variety of settings: the Japanese garden, the koi pond, the rose garden, and the pavilion area. Meanders (adj)
If we have to wait for her to arrive before starting the show, it would be a good idea for us to practice our act in the ___ ( ). Interim (noun)
She admired her supervisor and could not believe that any of her co-workers could possibly have made a ___ ( ) comment against him. Malign (adj)
My uncle, an accomplished musician who can play several instruments, is always ___ ( ) with requests to play at weddings and parties. Inundated (verb)
“_____ ( ) —farewell,” she said softly as the train pulled out of the station, carrying her soldier-boy boyfriend off to war. Adieu (interjection)
The senator departed from his prepared remarks to deliver an intemperate ___ ( ) attacking the administration's foreign policy. Tirade (noun)
It takes many long hours of study to ___ ( ) all the technical information he needs to know if he wishes to become a computer programmer. Assimilate (infinitive)
When the head of the golf club has reached the ___ ( ) of the swing, pause for a second before you begin the downward motion. Apex (noun)
Shakespeare's wicked characters often assume the guise of kindness to cloak their ___ ( ) natures. Malign (adj)
“This great ___ ( ) has many problems,” the mayor said, “but it also has much to offer both residents and visitors.” Metropolis (noun)
Is there anything more unpleasant then to go to a store and find yourself in the hands of a ____ ( ) salesperson? Surly (adj)
Many students take jobs during the ___ ( ) between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next. Interim (noun)
When vacant apartments are in short supply, landlords tend to charge ___ ( ) rents. Exorbitant (adj)
In the streets of our great cities, you will find ___ ( ) who wander about without homes, jobs, or friends. Vagrants (noun)
The people living in the valley will have to leave their homes because the area will be ___ ( ) when a new dam is constructed across the river. Inundated (verb)
My friend interrupted my ___ ( ) mood with the quip, “A penny for your thoughts.” Pensive (adj)
The food processor certainly looked impressive, but its construction was so ___ ( ) that within a few months it began to fall apart. Shoddy (adj)
When the band struck up a ___ ( ) tune even the most reserved party guests began to laugh, dance, and have fun. Sprightly (adj)
Kings Highway, an old American Indian trail, ____ ( ) through Brooklyn crossing many streets and almost retracing its path at some points. Meanders (verb)
The notorious jewel thief evaded capture for years by adopting numerous clever disguises and ___ ( ) identities. Bogus (adj)
How can you criticize me for the way I behaved during the emergency when you have never been in such a ___ ( ) position yourself? Perilous (adj)
The difficult choice between going to college and obtaining a job is indeed a ___ ( ) one for a young person. Momentous (adj)
With the ___ ( ) of fast food restaurants, the appearance of many a main street was forever transformed. Advent (noun)
Babysitters often find that children described by their parents as well behaved become ___ ( ) brats as soon as a as soon as parents leave the house. Obstreperous (adj)
Created by: molly565
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