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Pharmacology Final

Pharmacology Final Part 4

Name 2 drugs used for Tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizure Dilantin, Depakote
Name 1 drug used for Absence (petit mal) seizure Zarontin
What drugs are used for psychomotor seizures? Same as grand mal
What is the drug used for treatment of Parkinson’s disease? Dopamine drugs
What are the effects of the adrenal corticosteroids? Anti-inflammatory, weight gain
What is an example of a PO corticosteroid drug? Prednisone
Name an oral antidiabetic drug. Glucophage, metformin
What procedure must be done, and what must the results be, before administering any form of digitalis drug? Check pulse, less than 60 = hold the dose
When would you make the decision not to give an ordered digitalis drug? pulse less than 60
What are some of the toxic effects of digitalis drugs? Vision changes, nausea, HR less than 60
What is a common side effect of antiarrhythmic drugs? Hypotension, slow heart beat
Name some antiarrhythmic drugs? atenolol and verapamil
Which antihypertensive drug is safe to use for a pregnant woman? Aldomet
What is the most common coronary vasodilator used for anginal pain? Nitroglycerin
What side effect occurs more frequently with this drug? Postural hypotension, headache
What are the two most common routes of administration for Nitroglycerin? Sublingual and spray
What is a side effect of lovastatin or atorvastatin? Muscle Weakness
Indications for lovastatin or atorvastatin? High cholesterol
What drug is commonly used IV to treat shock? Lephophed - norepinephrine
Heparin IV or SC ONLY; Antidote protamine sulfate
Coumadin PO; Antidote Vitamin K
Why is caution needed with asthma and COPD patients for respiratory drugs, such as narcotic antitussives, antihistamines? Pts need to cough and not have resp. depression
What effect does a lot of oxygen have on a COPD patient? Depresses stimulus to breathe
What type of drug is found in most decongestants? Pseudoephedrine
What is a dangerous side effect of Pseudoephedrine for hypertensive patients? Raises Blood Pressure
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