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Pharmacology Final

Pharmacology Final Part 2

What is an idiosyncratic response to a drug? Unique, unusual and unexpected response to a drug
What is drug tolerance? Decreased response to a drug that develops after repeated doses are given.
What two types of drug dependency can develop for some drugs? Psychological and Physiological
What are the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis? itching, hives, hyperemia, vascular collapse, shock, cyanosis
What are the major actions of Adrenergic drugs? Sympathetic, Fight or flight, adrenaline
What are the major actions of Cholinergic drugs? Parasympathetic, every day
Give examples of when beta-blocker would be used. Hypertension, dysrhythmias, Migraines
Give examples of when Anticholinergic drugs would be used pre-op bradycardia GI or GI spasms eye exams
What instruction does a patient need who is taking a thiazide diuretic? Drink OJ, eat a banana
What is the advantage of the diuretic Aldactone Spares Potassium
When is mannitol used? Reduce cerebral edema or increased intraocular pressure
Allopurinal is a drug used for? Gout
Why is Urecholine called the “pharmacological catheterization” drug? Cholinergic, stimulates urination
Clindamycin, a potent anti-infective drug, has a serious side effect Ototoxicity
Cephalosporins can create allergies in persons who are allergic to what other type of medication? Penicillian
An almost guaranteed side effect of Erythromycin is what? Nausea
What common disorder of teens is treated with Tetracycline? Acne
What are some unusual side effects of Tetracycline? Photo sensitivity, stained teeth
Bactrim is what type of anti-infective drug? Sulfonamide
Bactrim is commonly used for what type of problem? Urinary infections; MRSA
What types of drugs are used for inflammatory eye conditions? Anti-inflammatories - corticosteroids
What is a mydriatic? A medication that dilates pupils
What is a miotic A medication that constricts pupils
What effect does an Antiglaucoma drug, such as pilocarpine, have on the pupil? Miotic, open pupil
Created by: Ramblelu