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Veterinary Renal/Urinary

Furosemide Lasix/Salix, loop diuretic, alter solute absorption/secretion (Na,Cl,K) Use in CHF to reduce plural edema, given orally or IM or IV
Mannitol Mannitol/Osmitrol, osmotic diuretic, human, used in glaucoma, head injuries to reduce intracranial pressure, IV only
Trichlormethizide Naquasone, Thiazide diuretic, combined with dexamethazone CI = pregnant animals, oral bolus/IV, post-partum mammary edema, geldings with swollen sheath, stocking up, large animal use
K+ sparing diuretics Rarely used in animals, too expensive
acetazolamide Diuretic (carbonic anhydrase inhibitor), results in bicarbonate diuresis as well as an increase in excreted ions, treats glaucoma,
diuretics general SE: all but mannitol cause hypokalemia and pu/pd, supply with Potassium supplement (Tumil-K), give lots of water and ability to urinate more frequently
Bethanechol Urecholine, cholinergic agent, increases detrusor muscle contraction, use post blocked cat
Phenoxybenazmine Not approved for vet or people, compounded, relaxes urethral sphincter tone, SE: decreased blood pressure
Propantheline Pro-Banthine, anticholinergic agent, relaxes detruser muscle so that bladder can fill itself, SE: GIT hypomotility
Testosterone Testopal, hormones to control urinary incontinence (Cheap and used often)
Diethystilbesterol Systlphostrol, increases urethral sphincter tone, SE: bone marrow suppression and anemia
Phenylpropanolamine Propalin, increases sphincter tone, decongestant, expensive
Methionine Methigel, MethioTabs, urinary acidifier, dissolves, prevents struvites, makes urine MORE ACIDIC SE: GIT upset, avoid in liver/kidney/pancreatic disease, (c/d, s/d diet)
Allopurinol Zyloprim, inhibits production of uric acid, dissolves urate calculi, treats gout (birds), watch for electrolyte imbalances, use for DALMATIONS!
Potassium citrate Nutrived, urinary alkalizers, manages urate, oxalate, cysteine stones
Sodium Bicarbonate Bell-ans, urinary alkalizer, manages urate, oxalate, cysteine stones in acidic urine
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