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Scientists (Atoms)

When did the Ancient Greeks live? Before 450 B.C.
What did the Ancient Greeks believe? They believed that matter could appear and disappear.
What was the source of religion for the Ancient Greeks? Various Gods that held the four elements of wind, fire, water, and earth.
When did Democritus live? Over 2,400 years ago.
What did Democritus come up with? That matter could be divided into pieces, and eventually once the smallest piece was reached it could be cut no longer. Which was called an Atomos.
When did Antoine Lavosier live? In the 1760's.
What did Antoine Lavosier propose? He proposed that matter could not be created nor destroyed. This being the Law of Conversion of Matter.
What did Antoine discover and name? Oxygen and Hydrogen.
How did Antoine die? He was guillotined ( beheaded ) during the French Revolution.
When did John Dalton live? In the early 1800's.
What did John Dalton do? He developed the Atomic Theory.
What is the Atomic Theory? That all elements are composed of atoms. Also that all atoms of the same element are exactly alike. In which atoms of different elements are different. So atoms of two or more elements can join together to form a compound.
What model did John Dalton create? Dalton's Billard Ball Model.
When did J.J. Thompson live? Up until the late 1800's.
What did J.J. Thompson do? He experimented to suggest that atoms contained electrons.
What did J.J. Thompson's model look like? Plum Pudding or a Blue Berry Muffin.
What did J.J. Thompson's model suggest? That matter was like a ball of positive charge with negative charges embedded into it.
What did J.J. Thompson's experiment conclude? After passing an electric current through a gas, the gas gave off rays made of negatively charged particles. Because the atoms had been a neutral charge, he concluded that there were negative.
When did Rutherford live? The early 1900's.
What did Rutherford do? He experimented to test Thompson's model in 1908.
What was Rutherford's experiment? He fired a stream of positively charged particles at a very thin sheet of gold foil. Most of the particles passed through the foil without causing any damage to it. Few of the particles bouncing back.
What was Rutherford's Conclusions? That there was a small charged dense center called the nucleus. Concluding that the nucleus was very tiny in size compared to the rest of the atom.
When did Niels Bohr live? The early 1900's.
What did Niels Bohr propose? The proposed that the electrons of an atom are found in specific energy levels.
What did Niels Bohr Atomic Model show? That each energy level is a certain distance from the nucleus. The electrons in different energy levels move around the nucleus in definite orbit.
What is today's Atomic Model based on? The wave mechanics of the atom.
Do electrons travel within clouds? Yes.
When was the Electron Cloud model proposed? In the 1920's.
What did the Electron Cloud model prove? That electrons travel in regions of different thickness called clouds.
What did Schrodinger's Equations mean? He devised equations that described the wave functions of electrons.
When did Erwin Schrodinger received his Nobel Prize? In 1933.
What did Schrodinger's equations predict? The probable location of electrons which can be plotted to give us the electron cloud model of atoms.
What did Chadwick discover? The neutron.
When did Chadwick receive his Nobel Prize? In 1935.
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