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Chater 51

Volumetric pipet Used for transferring
CLIA Established quality standards for all laboratories testing to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timelessness of patient test results.
Screening _____ tests are not diagnostic for any particular disease rather they indicate that the disease state may exist
Manufacturer ____ of the chemical provides the information for the MSDS
High Complexity Under CLIA regulations, medical assistants are not permitted to perform _____ test.
Medical Assistants _____ are not trained to interpret results and diagnose patients
Graduated Pipet Used for measuring
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments CLIA
Microbiology ___ is the study of microorganisms that cause disease
15 If chemicals are splashed into eyes, eyes should be flushed with water from an eyewash station for at least __ minutes total to totally cleanse them of the compound
10 The total magnification of the specimen being observed is determined by multiplying the magnification of the objective lens by
Patted Flames on a person, should be ___ out with a fire blanket, or direct the victim to roll on the blanket
Quantative Test the provides a number in the reported result
100 The longest objective oil immersion, allows the finest focusing of the object
Hand washing Repeated, thorough ____ is the most important factor in preventing the spread of infection
Quality Assurance (QA) ____ is the pledge of the healthcare professionals to work to achieve the highest degree of excellence in the healthcare of every patient
Oil Immersion ____ is used to view extremely small cells and materials such as bacteria and platelets it also is used to examine stained specimens
C and S In the microbiology laboratory, ___ testing are performed to determine the proper antibiotic therapy for a pathogen
Qualitative ___ test results do not have a numeric value attached to the result; result is reported simply as positive or negative.
Incubator Cabinets that maintain constant temperatures
Hemolyzed If blood is ____, it can no longer be examined for RBC's
Autoclave An ____ sterilizes instruments through the use of heat and steam under pressure
Risk CLIA regulatory categories are ased on their potential ____ to the public health
Scanning _____ lens are used to scan the field of interest and then to focus on a particular object
Laboratory Testing QA encompasses a comprehensive set of policies and procedures developed to ensure the reliability of ____
Hemolyzed Term used to describe a blood sample in which the red blood cells have ruptured
MSDS information Trade name, chemical name and synonyms, Chemical family, manufacturer's name and address, emergency telephone number, hazardous ingredients, physical data, fire and explosion data, and health hazard and protection information
Microbiology Lab Blood cultures are performed in the ___
Recommendations from the CDC Infection control plan, engineering and work practice controls, PPE, sufficient training and education, provision of HBV, and medical intervention after exposure incidents
Aliquot A portion of a well-mixed sample removed for testing.
National Fire Protections Association The bottom diamond is white and provides special hazard information including radioactivity special biohazard and other dangerous situation
Serologic pipets Use a ____ to transfer urine into a tube because it is calibrated into the tip
Expiration dates ____ on swabs, tubes, transportation media, and other collection containers should be checked before these items are used .
Diluent A liquid used to dilute a specimen or reagent
Centrifugation Used to separate blood from serum, solid materials from urine, and solids from liquids
Volumetric The most measurement is obtained with a ____ flask
Metric system The ____ is based on adeciman system in which a combination of the basic units and prefixed indicated a system of division in multiples of 100.
Outcome Standards for normal test results determine the sample ____
Chemical MSDS must be kept on file for each ___ used in the laboratory
Chain-Of-Custody The processing of ____ specimens must be documented meticulously ensuring that no tampering with the evidence has occurred; this is a routine part of drug and alcohol screening
Centers for Disease Control CDC
Balancing a centrifuge Tubes of equal size and containing equal volumes are placed directly across from one another in the rotor holders
Grams Weight is measures in ____
Balance The most important safety rule for a centrifuge is ____
Waived test Do not need a degree to read the results; can purchase OTC
Gram staining Is not a waived test
1:10 A ____ dilution can be prepared by mixing 2 ML of sample and 18 ML of diluent
Physician's Office Laboratory tests performed in a ____ are most likely to be waived and moderate-complexity test
Capped Tubes to be centrifuged should be tightly ___ to prevent the emission of aerosols
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
HBV Hepatitis B
Fire blanket A fire victim should not be wrapped in a _____ because this may intensify burns
Two(2) Government regulations require laboratories that perform moderate to high complexity test to under go an unannounced inspection every ___ years
Physical Hazards Hazards in laboratory that can be classified as electrical, fire, and mechanical hazards
Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA
Number The centrifuge must always have an ever __ of tubes
Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS
Sterile ____ containers prevents contamination of specimen by outside microbes
5:35PM Military time 1735 hours corresponds to ___ PM on the Greenwich clock
Image The ____ is focused by moving to objective closer to the specimen and illumination is provided by raising or lowering the condenser
Reagents Serologic pipets permit a fast flow of liquid with less accuracy and should not be used in the preparation of _____.
Created by: meganhussey18
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