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ITE 119

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What is Fair Use? Doctrine which allows the reuse of copyright-protected materials under certain conditions.
Students can use Fair Use by: Acquiring copyrighted works lawfully and producing their own educational multimedia course.
Instructors can use Fair use by: Supporting the curriculum-based instructional activities at educational institutions.
What is the quantitative maximum amount by Fair Use in a written material? 10% or 1000 words.
What is the quantitative maximum amount by Fair Use in a Poem? Less than 250 Words.
What is the quantitative maximum amount by Fair Use in music or lyrics? No more than 30 seconds or 10%.
What is the quantitative maximum amount by Fair Use in Numerical Data Sheets? Up to 10% or 2500 fields or cell entries.
If a piece of work in here, its not protected by the intellectual property laws. Public Domain
Most works enter the public domain because of... The age of the works
What is the creative commons? Organization that enables free sharing through free legal tools.
What does creative commons do with your work? Gives your work the freedom and license to be shared by which means you allow it.
Who holds a license under Creative Commons? Generally the creator, but not always.
Are the licenses under Creative Commons enforceable? As far as the present is presented, yes.
Who can use a Creative Commons license? Anyone who owns the material.
What if someone uses your works under Creative Commons? The violator may be liable for copyright infringement
Can a licensor control how another person uses the material? As long as the work is being abides by the terms and conditions, the person can do as they please.
Google books makes controversy under which of the four intellectual properties? Fair Use
Public Domains works that have been modified... May be copyright and cannot be used without permission.
Public Domain works with trademarks are still copyright. True/False True
Do you have to give credit to authors in the public domain? No, but plagiarism is still possible.
What if another country has works in the public domain? Some copyright laws are different in other countries, so research on another countries time frame may be necessary
Is Google books a free service? No, the program still renders works which are copyright to the law.
How does Google get away with showing short pieces of work? Free Use law allows the work to be sampled under circumstances.
Educational Institutions are classified as: Non-profit organizations who's focus is to educate and support research
Educators include: Teachers, instructors and others who engage in scholarly, research and instructional activities for educational institutions -
Created by: BuchananEric
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