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Cicero quiz 2

comperio discover
distribuo assign
exitium destruction
interitus death
obscurus dark, secret
paulum shortly
pernicies destruction
polliceor cupbearer
reperio find
salus health
sanctus sacred
taceo be silent
tandem finally
vigilo keep awake
vulnero (1) wound
aliquando some time
calamitas loss
comes companion
concito arouse
conor attempt
diligentia care, diligence
egredior march out
exsilium exile
infestus hostile
murus wall
pergo continue
sino allow
tumultus uproar
utilis useful
verso turn
dedecus disgrace, vice
devoveo vow
elabor slip away
facinus deed, crime
ferrum iron, sword
flagitium disgraceful act
haereo cling
necesse necessary
odi, odisse hate
omitto pass over
praetermitto omit
pridie on the day before
sacer sacred
turpitudo disgrace
vitium fault, vice
Created by: audreyiscool