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ch 2

Therapeutics The study of how medications are used in the diagnosis treatment or prevention of disease including expected results side effects and toxcities
Pharmacodynamics The study of the drugs action on the body How is the drug treat condition
Pharmacokinetics The study of the bodys action on the drug what the body does to the drug
Pharmacology Study of drugs their orgins properties and how they work and how they are metabolized and secreted from the body Drugs may work by affecting the bodys homeostasis, equilibrium, or stability of the organism
Toxicology The study of harmful effects of substance s including drugs on the human body and the science of predicting preventing and treating their effectS
Chemical name Describes the chemical structure of a drug.
Generic name Given by the manufacturer with input from various regulatory agencies.
Trade name Also known as the brand name or proprietary name which can only be used by manufacturer
Official name The name under which drug is listed in the USP/NF
Disease prevention Giving medications to prevent disease or may involve the administration of drugs to inoculate the body against disease germs
Diagnostic drugs Are prescribed to assist the physician in determining the cause of the illness
Contraceptive drugs Used in prevention of pregnancy
Alternative medicine Use of herbs, dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies rather than pharmaceuticals
Homeopathy Treating a disease by using small on doses of drugs, that will produce symptoms of the disease
Preclinical studies Testing of drugs on animals
Application for INDA (investigation new drug application) Permission to test drugs on humans
Double blind study Trail participants nor study staff know wheather a paticular participant is in whicch group
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