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us history

Problem: Adams clashed with his vice president causes: constitution made the 2nd place candidate become vice president. Jefferson had opposite views from Adams Result: 12th amendment revises the Electoral College system political party divisions and tensions get even worse
Problem: Federalists worried about anarchy and invasion Causes: anti-goverment attacks and threats from Jeffersons friends Frances supporters angry that US govt won't help their war against England result: Adams and congress pass laws to limit immigration and free speech "Alien and Sedition" acts
many coastal Americans lost money and property causes: French Navy ships captured trading ships in the Atlantic no official US navy to protect American traders result: Hamilton and other Federalists urge Adams to declare war on France
Jeffersons party wants to cancel Federalists actions cause: Jefferson wanted a weaker US govt Federalists appointed judges and passed laws before leaving office result:some taxes and other laws cancelled Supreme court announces its power to declare that actions are unconstitutional
the chance of another war against England cause: British navy ships capture US trading ships in Atlantic British Army encourages Native tribes to attack americans in the west result:Jeffersons actions totally mess up the situation Northeast and western regions feel united against the south
Jefferson feared Northern businesses and banks will destroy the US cause: trusting "common man" more than companies result: his anti-England actions hurt Northeast traders seeks ways to encourage western expansion for farmland
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