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atheist does not believe in god
virtuoso skillful in some art
numismatist collects rare coins
esthete has an unusual appreciation of beauty
pedant he is ostentatious about his learning, vulgar/brash
judas will betray a friend
coquette a flirt
circe a destructive siren
martinet is an offensive stickler for discipline
egoist lives only for himself, selfish
ascetic lives a simple life
sycophant suck up to the rich and powerful
demogogue a false leader of the common people
agnostic not sure whether god exists
futilitarian claims that life is completely futile, pointless
amazon big and masculine
virago sharp tongue and a vicious temper
gourmet has a good taste in food
adonis extremely handsome
vulgarian coarse and bad mannered
tyro beginner in his profession
philogist student of the words
clairvoyant person can't see very clearly
connoisseur judge and critic in an area
philatelist collects stamps
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