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RADT 465: Rad Protec

ARRT review of radiation protection

According to the national Council on Radiation Protection and measurements (NCRP), the monthly gestational dose-equivalent limit for embryo/fetus of a pregnant radiographer is? p. 135 .5mSv p. 159
If the exposure rate to an individual standing 4.0m from a source of radiation is 10 mR/h, what will be the dose received after 20 minutes at a distance of 6 m from source? p. 135 1.48 mR p. 159
What contributes most to occupational exposure? p. 137 Compton scatter p. 162
The x-ray interaction with matter that is responsible for the majority of scattered radiation reaching the image receptor (IR) is? p. 137 Compton scatter p. 162
With milliamperes (mA) increased to maintain output intensity, how is the ESE affeted as the source-to-skin distance (SSD) is increased? p. 137 The ESE decreases p. 162
How does filtration affect the primary beam? p. 139 It increases the average energy of teh primary beam p. 165
An optically stimulated luminescence dosimeter contains which of teh following detectors? p. 139 Aluminum oxide p. 165
Primary radiation barriers must be at least how high? p. 139 7 feet p. 166
Late effects of radiation, whose incidence is dose related and for which there is no threshold dose, are referred to as? p. 141 Stochastic p. 168
The largest amount of diagnostic x-ray absorption is most likely to occur in which tissues? p. 141 Bone p. 168
Aluminum filtration has its greatest effect on? p. 143 Low-energy x-ray photons p. 171
Which acute radiation syndrome requires the largest exposure before any effects become apparent? p. 143. Central nervous system (CNS) p. 171
Isotopes are atoms that have the same? p. 145 Atomic number but a different mass number p. 173
An increase in total filtration of the x-ray beam will increase? p. 147 Beam HVL p. 176
Any wall that the useful x-ray beam can be directed toward is called a? p. 147 Primary Barrier p. 177
What contributes most to patient dose? p. 149 The photoelectric effect p. 179
In which type of monitoring device do photons release electrons by their interaction with air? p. 153 Pocket dosimeter p. 184
The primary function of filtration is to reduce? p. 153 Patient skin dose p. 185
To within what percentage of the SID must the collimator light and actual irradiated area be accurate? p. 154 2% p. 185
The tabletop exposure rate during fluoroscopy shall not exceed...? p. 154 10R/min p. 186
Radiation output from a diagnostic x-ray tube is measured in which of teh following units of measurement? p. 156 Roentgen p. 188
The target theory applies to? p. 157 DNA molecules p. 189
The genetic dose of radiation borne by each member of teh reproductive population is called the? p. 157 Genetically significant dose p. 188
The interaction between x-ray photons and tissue that is responsible for radiographic contrast but that also contributes significantly to patient dose is? p. 157 The photoelectric effect p. 188
What is the relationship between LET and RBE? p. 158 As LEt increases, RBE increases. p. 190
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