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RADT: 465 Procedures

ARRT review on Image Procedures

The term varus refers to? p. 39 Turned inward p. 82
The coronoid process should be visualized in profile in what position? p. 39 Medial oblique elbow p. 82
Pacemaker electrodes can be introduced through a vein in the chest or uper extremity, from where they are advanced to the? p. 41 Right ventricle p. 83
Widening of the intercostal spaces is characteritic of what condition? p. 41 Emphysema p. 84
What projection of the foot will best demonstrate the longitudinal arch? p. 41 Lateral weight-bearing p. 85
What position is most likely to place the right kidney parallel to the IR? p. 44 LPO p. 88
What positions is required to demonstrate small amounts of air in the peritoneal cavity? p. 44 Lateral decubitus, affected side up p. 89
What projection or position will be demonstrate subacromial or subcoracoid dislocation? p. 46 PA oblique scapular Y p. 91
The tissue that occupies the central cavity within the shaft of a long bone in an adult is...? p. 47 Yellow marrow p. 92
What projection of the ankle would best demonstrate the mortise? p. 47 Medial oblique 15-20 degrees p. 93
The junction of the sagittal and coronal sutures is the...? p. 49 Bregma p. 95
An injury to a structure located on the side opposite that of the primary injury is referred to as? p. 49 Contrecoup p. 96
What structure can be located midway between the anterosuperior iliac spine (ASIS) and pubic symphysis? p. 51 Dome of the Acetabulum p. 98
The articular facets of L5-S1 are best demonstrated in a(n)? p. 52 30-degree oblique p. 99
The lumbar lamina is represented by what part of the "scotty dog" seen in a correctly positioned oblique lumbar spine view? p. 53 Body p. 100
In which type of fracture are teh splintered ends of bone forced through the skin? p. 56 Compound p. 103
The type of ileus characterized by cessation of peristalsis is termed? p. 56 Paralytic p. 104
Glossitis refers to inflammation of the? p. 58 Tongue p. 105
During an air-contrast BE, in what part of the colon is air most likely to be visualized with the body in the AP recumbent position? p. 59 Transverse colon p. 105
The ossified portion of a long bone where cartilage has been replaced by bone is known as the? p. 60 Metaphysis p. 108
A type of cancerous bone tumor ocurring in children and young adults and arising from bone marrow is? p. 61 Ewing sarcoma p. 108
With the patient in the PA position and the OML and CR perpendicular to the IR, the resulting radiograph will demonstrate the petrous pyramids...? p. 64 Completely within the orbits p. 111
The uppermost portion of teh iliac crest is at approximately the same level as the? p. 64 Fourth lumbar vertebra p. 111
What position is used to demonstrate vertical patellar fractures and the patellofemoral articulation? p. 67 Tangential patella p. 113
The inhalation of liquid or solid particles into the nose, throat, or lungs is referred to as? p. 69 Aspiration p. 115
The contraction and expansion of arterial walls in accordance with foreful contraction and relaxation of the heart are called? p. 70 Pulse p. 116
What view would best demonstrate arthritic changes in the knees? p. 70 AP erect p. 117
In myelography, the contrast medium generally is injected into the? p. 72 Subarachnoid space between the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae p. 119
The larynegeal prominence is formed by the? p. 73 Thyroid cartilage p. 119
What position will best demonstrate the right apophyseal articulations of the lumbar vertebrae? p. 77 RPO p. 124
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