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RADT 465: Img. Acq.

ARRT registry review of Image Acquisition and Evaluation

What devices can evaluate geometric blur? P. 195 Star pattern, Slit camera, Pinhole camera. P. 232
In electronic imaging, what happens when image matrix size increases? P. 195 Pixel size decreases p. 232
SID affects recorded detail in which way? p. 196 Recorded detail is directly related to SID p. 233
The luminescent light emitted by teh PSP is transformed into the image seen on the CRT by the...? p. 197 ADC p. 235
Unopened boxes of radiographic film should be stored away from radiation and in what position? p. 199 Vertical p. 236
Name a few pathologic or abnormal conditions that would require an increase in exposure factors? p. 201 Atelectasis, Paget disease, Congestive heart failure p. 238
The direction of electron travel in the x-ray tube is...? p. 205 Cathode to anode p. 242
For the same FOV, spatial resolution will be improved using what? p. 205 A larger matrix p. 242
Focal-spot blur is greatest where? p. 207 Toward the cathode end of the x-ray beam p. 246
What is the correct order of radiographic film processing? p.209 Developer, fixer, wash, dry p. 247
The reduction in x-ray photon intensity as the photon passes through material is termed? p. 209 Attenuation p. 248
The intensity of ionizing radiation decreases as? p. 211 Distance from the source of radiation increases p. 250
Diagnostic x-rays are generally associated with? p. 210 High frequency and short wavelength p. 248
What has the widest dynamic range? p. 213 CR p. 253
What is the purpose of the thin layer of lead that is often located in the rear portion of an IP? p. 213 To prevent scattered radiation fog p. 252
A focal-spot size of .3 mm or smaller is essential for? p. 214 Magnification radiography p. 254
How is OID realated to recorded detail? p. 215 Radiographic detail is inversely related to OID p. 255
The relationship between the height of a grid's lead strips and teh distance between them is referred to as grid what? p. 217 Ratio p. 258
What requires two exposures to evaluate focal-spot accuracy? p. 217 Slit camera p. 257
In digital imaging, as DEL size decreases...? p. 216 Spatial resolution increases p. 256
A decrease in kilovoltage will result in? p. 218 A decrease in optical density p. 260
Why is a very short exposure time essential in chest radiography? p. 220 To minimize involuntary motion p. 263
In digital imaging, TFT DEL size is related to? p. 221 Spatial resolution p. 264
The purpose of the electroconductive layer of a CR PSP plate is to? p. 221 Facilitate transportation through the scanner/reader p. 265
To produce a just perceptible increase in radiographic density, the radiographer must increase the? p. 222 mAs by 30% p. 265
When involuntary motion must be considered, the exposure time may be cut in half if the kilovoltage is? p.223 Increased by 15% p. 267
Which interaction is responsible for producing the most x-ray photons at the x-ray tube target? p. 224 Bremsstrahlung p. 268
The line-focus principle expresses the relationship between? p. 225 The actual and the effective focal spot p. 270
Exposed silver halide crystals are changed to black metallic silver by the? P. 226 Reducers p. 271
As window level increases...? p. 229 Brightness increases p. 273
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