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32 & 33

The primary goal in the treatment of GERD is to? Suppress acid production
What is the most common etiology of peptic ulcer disease? Helicobator Pylori (H.Pylori)
Which of the 3 phases of gastric acid secretion is stimulated by the distention of the stomach? Gastric
A respiratory condition caused by CHRONIC irritation that increases secretion of mucus and causes degeneration of the respiratory lining is: Chronic Bronchitis
The only drug class that provides immediate relief of an acute asthma attack is Beta Adregenics
Corticosteroids are used in the treatment of asthma in which of the following ways? Inhibiting the release of inflammatory mediators
What classification is Foradil in? Selective Beta -2 Adregenics
How is mucosal 10% solution usually administred? Nebulization
Emphysema is A process involving destruction of the Alveoli
A person is given Levabuterol, What would you think the persons medical condition is? Asthma.
A brand name for Famotidine would be ___________and it is used to treat____________ Pepcid; Ulcers
Which of these medications neutralizes Gastric Acid? Milk of Magnesia
A person is taking Alka-Seltzer Plus, what side effect might they see? Constipation
If Epinephrine is given SC injection, What would it be given for? Acute asthma or Acute Allergic Reaction
Albuterol is used for COPD and administered by inhalation (T/F)? TRUE
The trade name of Zantac is Ranitidine
An adverse effect of Hydrocortisone is? Increased susceptibility to infection
What does a bronchodilator do? Drug that relaxes bronchial smooth muscle and dilates lower respiratory passages.
Asthma is Respiratory disease characterized by bronchoconstriction, shortness of breath, and wheezing.
Dyspepsia is? Indigestion
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