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PT203 Final Review

HEPA filters remove what percentage of contaminants from the air? 99% of contaminants
What should a biohazard / bodily fluid be cleaned with? Bleach
What ratio should bleach and water be in to clean a blood spill? 1 part bleach : 10 parts water
Parenteral products should be stable in 3 ways. What are they? Microbiologically stable, Physically stable, and Chemically stable.
Should parenteral products be isotonic, hypotonic, or hypertonic? Isotonic
Parenteral products need to be free of what? Visible Contaminants and Endotoxins
What does an autoclave use to sterilize products? Heat, Steam, Pressure
What chemical is used to clean down the hood and all vial stoppers? 70% isopropyl alcohol
What is disinfection? Destruction of contaminants by physical and chemical means.
What is sterilization? Complete destruction of all microbiological life
If a patient is on hospice care, how long is their life expectancy? 6 months
What is the shaft of the long bone called? Diaphysis
What is the point where a muscle attaches to the bone that it MOVES? Insertion Point
What attaches a muscle to a bone? Tendon
What is the point where a muscle attaches to a non-moving point? Origin
Can radiopharmaceuticals be produced in a home health pharmacy setting to be sent to someone's home? No, radiopharmaceuticals cannot be administered at home.
During which phase of the menstrual cycle is progesterone at its highest concentration? Luteal phase of menstruation
If your patient is taking aspirin for antiplatelet therapy, what class of medication may decrease the effectiveness of the aspirin? NSAIDs
The role of the pharmacist in long-term care facilities has been shown to do what? Decrease overall medication costs.
Will there be more long-term care beds or acute care beds in the future? Long-term Care Beds
What are the common side effects of muscle relaxers? tremors, weakness, slurred speech, blurred vision, urinary frequency, urinary retention, and enuresis
What is one of the most successful pharmacist-managed ambulatory clinics? Anticoagulation Clinic
What are the three types of radiation? Alpha, Beta, Gamma
Who works in a hospital, but is not employed by the hospital? Physicians
NBMAs are dangerous for what reason? They can paralyze the diaphragm
What class of drugs are non-hormonal agents that act to inhibit bone resorption? Bisphosphonates
Why would hormone therapies be given during chemotherapy? To treat and prevent nausea
When hormones are used to prevent a pregnancy, what are they called? Contraceptives.
What is the exposure control plan designed to do? It's designed to minimize the risk of exposure to infectious material and bloodborne pathogens.
What hormones are secreted by the adrenal glands of both males and females, and are used for the palliative care for women with advanced metastatic carcinoma of the breast? Androgens
When training personnel about safety in the work place, what aspect of the training must be tailored? The material must be presented to the person in a way that is appropriate for their literacy and educational level.
When was OSHA formed? 1970
Should patients use backup birth control while using an antibiotic and an oral birth control at the same time? Yes. Patients should use backup birth control, as the antibiotic may have killed the bacteria in the stomach that is necessary to digest the oral birth control to excrete the hormones in an active form for the body to use.
What are the female sex hormones? Estrogens
What hormones can be use for the palliative care of males with prostate cancer? Estrogens
What does the red diamond on a hazard ID system mean? Flammability
What does the blue diamond on a hazard ID system mean? Health Hazard
What does the yellow diamond on a hazard ID system mean? Reactivity
What percentage of healthcare workers are allergic to latex? 8-12%
Which anti-tumor antibiotic is used for breast cancer, and can cause cardiotoxicity when given in high doses? Adriamycin
What chemotherapy drug is known to cause peripheral nerve damage? Mitotic Inhibitors
Can mitotic inhibitors ever be given intrathecally? Never. This is a fatal route of administration.
When considering a dose of medication for a child, can they be treated and dosed the same way adults can be? No. Children are not miniature adults, and need special consideration with the medications they're begin given, as well as special consideration of the dosages.
Why would someone use a progestin? Treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding and amenorrhea. Can be used alone as a contraceptive for women who are breast feeding. Can be used as adjunctive and palliative are for those with advanced endometrial or breast cancer.
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