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Image acquisition

ARRT registry review

What are the visibility factors of image quality? density/brightness and contrast/gray scale (p.298)
What are the geometric factors of image quality? detail/resolution and distortion (p.298)
Recorded detail is measured in what? lp/mm (p.300)
SID is ______ related to recorded detail directly (p.301)
OID is ______related to recorded detail inversely (p.301)
What focal spot size provides the best recorded detail? small (p.305)
What is the finite area on the tungsten target that is actually bombarded by electrons from the filament? actual focal spot (p.305)
What is the foreshortened size of the focus as it is projected down the IR? effective focal spot (p.305)
A larger focal spot equals ____ blur more (p.308)
What is the best method of minimizing voluntary motion? good communication and suspended respiration (p.309)
What is the best method of minimizing involuntary motion? using the shortest possible exposure time (p.309)
What was Thomas Edison's intensifying screen made of? calcium tungstate (p.310)
How much of the exposure received by the film emulsion is from fluorescent light emitted by intensifying screen phosphors? 98% (p.311)
A particular phosphor's ability to absorb x-ray energy and convert it to fluorescent light energy conversion efficiency (p.312)
When should fluorescence end when using an intensifying screen? at the same time as the x-ray source (p.312)
What is it called when fluorescence doesn't stop on time? lag (p.312)
screen speed is ______ related to phosphor size, phosphor layer thickness, and degree of reflective background directly (p.312)
the intensity of light at a particular distance from its source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance inverse square law (p.318)
As SID ______, exposure rate and image density decrease increases (p.320)
Screen speed and patient dose are ________ proportional inversely (p.322)
Screen speed and image density are ________ proportional directly (p.322)
/what is the single most important way to reduce the production of scattered radiation? collimation (p.322)
What is the total filtration Al equivalent used for patient protection purposes? 2.5 (p.330)
X-ray tube total filtration has what effect on image density? none (p.330)
What is the voltage ripple for 3p 6pulse? 13% (p.334)
What is the voltage ripple for 3p 12 pulse? 4% (p.334)
What is the voltage ripple for high frequency? <1% (p.334)
A 6 in. air gap is equivalent to what grid ratio? 8:1 (p.345)
Which type of AEC is beneath the table top but below the IR? ionization chamber (p.350)
Which type of AEC is beneath the IR and charges a photomultiplier tube Phototimer (p.350)
Which has better spatial resolution, CR/DR or SF? SF (p.354)
Which has better contrast resolution, CR/DR or SF? CR/DR (p.354)
What changes pixel size? changing the matrix or FOV (p.356)
The higher the SNR, the _____the contrast resolution better (p.356)
Appears as superimposed images slightly out of alignment, has a wrapping effect aliasing (p.360)
PSP inconsistent scanning motion can result in a wavy or distorted image laser jitter (p.361)
exposure data recognition (EDR) can correct images __% overexposed and ___% underexposed 500%,80% (p.361)
Direct-capture systems eliminate which step of indirect-capture systems? scintilattor step (p.364)
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