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Chpt. 88 New and Future Technology

88 Name three of the four components of a vehicle tracking system on-board security control module, a minature transmitter and receiver, the global positioning satellite GPS system, a 24 hour monitoring/response center
88 What happens if a vehicle with a tracking system is stolen? monitoring center is notified, a signal is transmitted to activate the tracking system, that information from the GPS system pinpoints the location, the system transmits the location to the monitoring center
88 Can a tracking system be easily hidden on a vehicle yes they are usually small
88 When can tracking systems provide protection? carjacking kidnapping
88 How does a DUI ignition interlock function? sensors detect any alcohol in the driver's breath, if the driver is intoxicated the interlock disables the ignition system and triggers the horn to sound and lights to flash
88 How does a night vison system help the drivers see? When activated in bad weather or night the camer produces an image on the dash mounted monitor or a heads-up display on the windshield. the driver is then able to see through fog to detect oncoming dangers
88 Describe how an electric brake caliper works uses one or more servo motors to force the brake pads into the rotating brake disc to slow and stop the vehicle
88 Are electonic brakes lighter or heavier than hydraulic brakes? lighter
88 Do electronic brakes reduce or increase fuel consumption? reduce
88 What kind of brake uses a dash mounted switch with an electic servo motor to mechanically apply the rear brake? electric parking or electric emergency
88 What kind of mechanism does a kinetic energy recovery system use? either a flywheel mechanism or a battery to store the energy captured until it is needed.
88 What would be the benefit of future vehicles having automatic tire wear adjustment systems? would eliminate the need to rotate tires
88 Name four alternate power sources, besides gasoline and diesel hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel engines, and flexible fuel vehicles
Name an advantage of electric vehicles reduce air pollution from burining fossil fuels
88 Name a disadvantage to electric vehicles large number of generating stations building enough generating stations would create pollution = nuclear power, coal, gas
88 Describe a flywheel generator drive system a direct whell drive design that eliminates the power lost from having to spin or rotate the transmission gearset and differtial assembly in heavy gear oil
88 What produces little or no air pollution and is the same fuel that powers the sun? hydrogen fuel
88 It uses the power of the sun to generate electricity for propulsion solar vehicle
88 What regenerative braking converts the inertia of the moving car into electical energy to recharge the batteries? regenerative braking system
88 It combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electrical energy fuel cell
88 What uses a large, high efficiency motor and large storage batteries to power the automobile? electric vehicle
88 What fuel can be created from animal fats and vegetable oils? biodiesel fuel
88 What are flexible-fuel vehicles? (FFV) vehicles designed to operate on different types of fuel. Sensors monitor the efficiency and engine functions are adjusted
88 What three fuels can gas turbine engines burn? gasoline, kerosene, and oil
88 Why are gas turbines not currently in use? high manufactoring costs and poor fuel efficiency
88 What will happen to the prices of petroleum based fuels if the reserves dwindle? they will rise
88 What is one plant fuel widely used? ethonol
88 Plant fuel research has led to the development of what kind of fuel? biodiesell
88 What kind of motor oil has been developed from farm grown plants and vegetables, and performs as well as crude oil based lubricants? synthetic
88 What is the most important factor in improving fuel economy? vehicle curb weight reduction
88 What materials are now being used to make vehicle body panels? aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber
88 What are inflatable door impact beams?How do they assist with safety? a powerful pyrotechnic chargeis used to expand the metal beam so it balloons out to a larger diameter, it can withstand mor violent collisions from the side without intrusion into the driver or passanger seat area
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