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Chpt. 16 Engine Size and Performance Measurements

16 How is engine size determined? by the number of cylinders, the cylinder diameter, and the amount of piston travel per stroke
16 Define cylinder bore the diameter of the engine cylinder
16 How is cylinder bore measured? across the cylinder, parallel to the top of the block
16 What are the two typical size cylinder bores? 3" and 4"
16 Define piston stroke the distance the piston moves from top dead center TDC to bottom dead center BDC
16 What does TDC stand for? top dead center
16 What does BDC stand for? bottom dead center
16 What controls the piston stroke? the amount of throw (offset) built into the cranshaft rod journal
16 What does it mean if an engine's specs for bore and stroke ar given as 4.00" x 3.00"? the engine cylinder is 4" in diameter and the piston stroke is 3"
16 What generally makes an engine more powerful? a larger bore and a longer stroke
16 What does a larger cylinder diameter and large piston stroke produce? a large piston displacement
16 If an engine has a bore of 3" and a stroke of 4", what is its piston displacement? 28.26 cu. in. (3.14 x 1.5 squared x 4)
16 What is engine displacement? the volume displaced by all the pistons in the engine
16 If one poston displaces 30 cu. in. and the engine has four cylinders, what is the engine displacement? 120 cu. in (30 x 4 = 120)
16 Define force the pushing or pulling action
16 If you use a hoist to lift a 600 lb engine 5' in the air how much work is done? 3000 ft lb (600 x 5)
16 Define power the rate or speed at which work is done
16 What is the metric unit for power? watt (kilowatt)
16 How much power is needed for an engine to move 4000 lb car 2000' in one minute? 8,000,000 ft ob per min (4000 x 2000)
16 Define compression ratio the cylinder volume with the piston at TDC to the cylinder volume with the piston at BDC
16 Define compression pressure the amount of pressure produced in the cylinder during the compression stroke
16 What is compression pressure measured in? kilopascals and pounds per square inch
16 What is a compression gauge used for? to measure engine compression pressure
16 What is the normal compression pressure for a modern automotive gasoline engine? 130 - 180 psi (pounds per square inch)
16 What are the possible causes if an engine's compression pressure is low? bad rings, burned valves, blown head gasket
16 Where can engine torque specifications be looked up? in the shop manual
16 What is engine horsepower? a measure of an engine's abilitly to perform work (power)
16 About how much horsepower would be needed for a small engine to lift 1000 lb a distance of 500' in one minute? 15.2 hp
16 What is brake horsepower? measures the usable power at the engine crankshaft
16 What is used to measure the brake horsepower of modern car engines? engine dynamometer
16 What measures the horsepower delivered to the drive wheels? chassis dynamometer
16 Define indicated horsepower amount of power formed in the engine combustion chambers
16 Explain frictional horsepower the power needed to overcome engine friction
16 Net, gross or taxable horsepower is the maximum power developed when an engine is loaded by all accessories? net
16 Net, gross or taxable horsepower is the engine power available with only basic accessories installed gross
16 Net, gross, or taxable horsepower is simply a general rating of engine size? taxable
16 What is meant by engine efficiency? the ratio of usable power at the engine crankshaft (brake horsepower) to the power supplied to the engine (heat content of fuel)
16 What percentage are modern piston engines efficent? 20 %
16 What is volumetric efficiency? the ratio of air drawn into the cylinder and the maximum possible amount of air that could enter the cylinder
16 Define mechanical efficiency measurement of mechanical friction
16 What percentage of an engine's power is lost to friction? 20% - 30 %
16 What does thermal efficiency measure? the amount of heat energy converted into crankshaft rotation
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