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Chpt. 15 Engine Front End Construction

15 Define harmonic vibration a high-frequency movement resulting from twisting and untwisting of the crankshaft
15 What can happen if harmonic vibration is not controlled in an automotive engine? serious engine damage such as a broken crankshaft
15 What device(s) controls harmonic vibration? vibration damper or harmonic balancer
15 What does the crankshaft pulley operate? water pump, alternator, air conditioning compressor, and other units
15 What is the function of the camshaft drive? transfers the rotational motion of the crankshaft to the camshaft
15 What type of cam drive is used for heavy-duty applications such as taxi cabs or trucks? timing gears
15 Define cam drive timing marks? show the techinian how to install the gears properly
15 What is the most common type of camshaft drive arrangement used on cam-in-blocks engines? timing chain and sprockets
15 What is it called when the timing chain flaps back and forth because of excessive slack in the chain? chain slap
15 What is used to take up the slack in the camshaft chain as it and the sprockets wear? chain tensioner
15 What is the purpose of an auxillary chain? to drive the engine oil pump, balancer shafts and other units on the engine
15 Describe the function of an engine front cover? encloses the timing chain or gear mechanism and prevents oil leakage from the front of the engine
15 Where does the engine front cover bolt to? engine block
15 What seal prevents oil leakage between the crankshaft and the front cover? front oil seal
15 Explain the function of an engine's front end oil slinger? helps lubricate the timing mechanism and blocks the oil from striking the front seal, preventing leakage
15 What four components make up a timing belt drive mechanism? cranskshaft sprocket, camshaft sprocket, timing belt, belt tensioner
15 What provides a very smooth and accurate method of turning the camshaft? timing belt
15 What is a spring-loaded wheel that keeps the timing belt firmly seated on its sprockets? belt tensioner
What else may a timing belt be used to drive? diesel injection pump, water pump, oil pump
Describe the function of a timing belt cover? protects the belt from damage and the technician from injury
What is a timing belt cover normally made of? sheet metal or plastic
Does a timing belt cover serve the same function as an engine front cover? NO
Created by: mechanics