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Chpt. 12 engine design classifications

12 Normally, car and truck engines have how many cylinders? 4, 6 0r 8
12 A greater number of cylinders decreases or increases engine smoothness and power? increases
12 Define cylinder arrangement. refers to the positionof the cylinders in relation to the crankshaft.
12 Name the five basic cylinder arrangements. Inline, V-type, opposed, and W-type
Why do engine manufactorers number each engine cylinder? to help technicians make repairs
Where are cylinder numbers stamped on? connecting rods or intake manifold
Explain how a liquid cooking system operates. the cooling system surrounds the cylinder with coolant, then the coolant carries combustion heat out of the cylinder head and engine block to prevent engine damage.
Air or air-oil cooled engines are seldom used in what kind of vehicle? passenger cars
Name three types of fuel used in automotive engines gasoline, diesel fuel, liquefied pertroleum gas, gashol, and alcohol
What are the two most common fuels for vehicles? gasoline and diesel
Gasoline engines use a compression or spark ignition? spark
A L-head engine has two kinds of valves. Name them. Intake and exhaust
Where are the two valves in a L-head engine located? cylinder head
Name the two basic locations for the engine camshaft? block and cylinder head
What arrangement is frequently used in engines equipped with four-valve combustion chambers concerning camshafts? dual overhead cam
List the three types of combustion chamber designs. pancake, wedge, hemispherical, pent-roof
Which combustion chamber design has valve heads that are almost parallel to the top of the piston? pancake
Which cam has one camshaft per cylinder head? single overhead cam
Which combustion chamber design has the spark plug located near the center/ Hemispherical
What does the extra valves in a four-valve chamber do? increase flow in and out of the chamber
Describe the operation of a stratified charge combustion chamber. uses a small combustion chamber flame to ignite and burn the fuel inthe main large combustion chamber
A three-valve combustion chamber has how many intake valve(s) and how many exhaust valve(s)? two intake and one exhaust
What type of combustion chamber has a single-chamber fitted with an extra air valve? air jet
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