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RADT 465 Rad Proced.

ARRT Registry Review Covering Radiographic Procedures

What does the term varus mean? To turn inward (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 26)
When pacemakers are placed, the electrodes can be advanced to what part of the heart? Right ventricle (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 647)
Widening of the intercostal space can be associated with with pathological condition? Emphysema (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 92)
How long should metformin be held after an iodinated contrast is administered to a diabetic patient? 48 hours (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 542)
If the patient is said to be in a trendelenburg position, how is the patient laying? Recumbent with the head lower than the feet (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 20)
Which bony landmark is at the same level as the symphysis pubis? Prominence of the greater trochanter (Bontrager and Lampignano, p.38)
Internal rotation of the shoulder would position the lesser tubercle how? In profile medially (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 192)
What is an avulsion fracture? Fracture classification describing small bony fragment bulled from bony process (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 602)
What does the term adduction mean? To move a part toward the midline of the body (Bontrager and Lampignano, pp. 26-27)
During a myelogram, where is contrast media administered? Subarachnoid space (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 721)
In an oblique lumbar spine position, which part of the "Scotty dog" represents the lumbar transverse process? Nose (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 334)
What is the term used to describe an injury to a structure located on the opposite side of the primary injury? Contrecoup (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 417)
Which condition specifically pertains to the tibial tuberosity? Osgood-Schlatter disease (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 225)
In which positions of the spine will the central ray be parallel to the intervertebral foramina? Lateral thoracic spine and lateral lumbar spine (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 295)
Which projection best visualizes the articular facets of L5-S1? 30-degree oblique (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 334)
Why should patients' chins be elevated during x-rays of the chest? To avoid superimposition of the apices (Bontrager and Lampignano, pp. 86-87)
Where is the secondary center of ossification of long bones? Epiphysis (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 7)
In an oblique lumbar spine position, which part of the "Scotty dog" represents the lumbar lamina? Vertebral body (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 334)
In which projection are all elbow fat pads best demonstrated? Lateral elbow (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 139)
The greater tubercle can be seen superimposed on the humeral head in which position of the shoulder? Internal rotation (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 192)
When bones are splintered and forced through the skin, the fracture is known as what classification? Compound fracture (Bontrager and Lampignano, pp. 600-602)
Which type of ileus is associated with cessation of peristalsis? Paralytic (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 493)
During an air-contrast BE, if a patient is in an AP recumbent position, where would air be visualized in the colon? Transverse colon (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 489)
Which type of cancerous bone tumor arises from bone marrow and occurs in children and young adults? Ewing sarcoma (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 143)
Where do arteries and veins enter and exit the medial aspect of the lungs? Hilus/Hilum (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 80)
In a LPO position, what anatomical structures would be filled with barium and best demonstrated? Hepatic flexure (Bontrager and Lampignano, pp. 515-517)
What position would a patient be in if the patient was lying supine on the table with the central ray directed horizontally to the iliac crest? Dorsal decubitus position (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 20)
If a patient was anticipated to be experiencing vesicoureteral reflux, which exam would need to be ordered? Voiding cystourethrogram (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 578)
What does the term distal refer to? Parts away from the source or beginning (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 23)
What is the best way to prepare a patient scheduled for an upper gastrointestinal (GI) series? NPO after midnight (Bontrager and Lampignano, p. 471)
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