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traumatic sports injuries

what are some examples of a traumatic sports injuries? lateral ligament sprain of the ankle, shoulder separation-AC injuries, knee soft tissue trauma ACL MCL and med meniscus
How are ankle sprains graded? graded 1-3
What is a grade 1 ankle sprain? minor tear with no loss of staility
what is a grade 2 ankle sprain? moderate tear with some stability loss
what is a grade 3 ankle sprain? rupture with complete loss of stability
What is the most common injury (Traumatic sports) the ankle aprain
nearly 85% of ankle sprains occurin this way laterally (inversion sprain)
What is the most common MOI of ankle sprain inversion sprain
What are the ligamnets usually sprained in an inversion sprain? Anterior talofibular ligament, Posterior talofibular ligament, calcaneofibular ligament
why is an ankle sprain fairly easy to dignose? it's traumatic (they know when it happened)
what does a sprained ankle look like bruised and swollen
With an ankle sprain what should be done to rule out a fracture X-rays
Treatment of ankle sprain? Acute: PRICE, brace or crutchesINTERMEDIATE: cylcing , pool, isotonics and stretchLATE: return to sport, plyometrics, highlevel balance exercises, taping, bracing
what is the usual MOI of a shoulder separation (AC ligament) usually a fall or trauma to lateral shoulder
how are shoulder separations graded? 1-3
what is a grade 1 shoulder separation? AC only
what is a grade 2 shoulder separation? AC and either conoid or trapezoid
what is a grade 3 shoulder separation? all 3 ruptured (will show a bump)
how is a shoulder separation usually dignosed? history and objective exam, grade 3 will show a bump, xray, ROM limited, strength may or maynot be affected (grade 3 YES)
Treatment of shoulder separation Acute: PRICE , bracingIntermediate: isotonic RC ex and scapular stabilization exercieslate:return to sport, dynamic strengthening exercises
What is the terrible triad? knee: when MCL ACL and medial meniscus are all torn
When ACL is torn what frequently goes with it? MCL usually goes with it
Which ligament in the knee is easy to palpate? MCL.... it's superficial
What is the main funciton of he ACL? prevent internal rotation of the femur on a fixed tibia
How is a ACL repair diagnosed MOI helps to pinpoint the diagnosis,
What does a "POP" sound in the knee suggest grade 3 tear
What test is done in diagnosing ACL injuries? Lachman test or an ANTERIOR DRAWER TEST ( to examine for anterior translation)
when there is doublt if a ligament tear is a grade 3 or 2 (in the knee) what can help to clarify? MRI
Which grade of knee ligament tear causes significant swelling? 2 or 3
what type of grafts are frwquently done in ACL repair?) patellar tendon or hamstring graft
rehab for ACL injuries? focus on the quads and hams in a co-contraction
NAME A PRO AND CON OF TAPING? pro: custom fitcon: doesent last much longer than a half an hour
ACL surgery: rehab post surgery ACUTE phase (1-2 weeks)?? PRICE, ROM, bike isometrics
ACL surgery rehab in intermediate phase? (2-8 weeks) work at regaining full ROM, reduce flexion deformity, CKC, isotonic
ACL surgery rehab LATE phase 8 weeks +? gradual return to sport, functional training, balance exercises, plyometrics....bracing often required for return to sport
Why should OKC not be done after ligament repair surgery? it puts too much stress on the ligament
Created by: gogreengals