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18 Assessment Retake

Science Class Retake

1.____________ rocks form when magma or lava cools. Examples include granite and ___________. Igneous, Basalt
2.A puddingstone is an example of a _______ which is a _________ sedimentary rock. Conglomerate, Clastic
3. An igneous rock with large, well-formed crystals would most likely have cooled. Slowly,below ground
4.Which of the following is an example of metamorphic rock. Marble
5. Contact metamorphism is a change in the texture, structure or chemical composition of a rock due to changes in temperature and pressure over a large area. False, Regional
6.Which of these rocks is well-sorted. sand stone and shale
7. The presence of this organic sedimentary rock in michigan is good evidence that our state was once covered by saltwater sea Limestone
8.Metamorphic rock that is ______________ has been exposed to tremendous pressure at tectonic plate boundaries, which resulted in a foliated
9. The lithosphere is made up of the crust and rigid upper mantle. True
10. Tracks of continents plowing through ocean floor rock. This dose not support the hypothesis of continental drift.
11. Subduction zones form at which type of plate boundary? Convergent
12.The Ring of Fire is a chain of active volcanoes and earthquakes that surround the _________ocean Pacific
13.An example of geographic location on top of a divergent plate boundary would be ______________. Iceland
14.Sediment is thicker closer to the center. This is Not true of the Mid-Ocean ridge
15.The sudden return of deformed rock to its undeformed shaped ic called. A shadow zone
16. The location on a fault where the first motion of an earthquake occurs is called the. Focus
17. Earthquakes that cause the most damage usually have a____. Shallow focus
18. An instrument that records vibration in the ground is called a. Seismograph
Created by: Diynasti Dowell