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Lesson 2

Fair Use, Public Domain, and Creative Commons

Fair Use a limited use of copyrighted work without requiring permission from the copyright holder
Public Domain belonging and being available to the public
Creative Commons an organization that allows knowledge to be shared freely
Copyright License grants a distinct set of rights to a person over their creative work
Intellectual Property creations of the mind. Ex: inventions, artistic works, etc.
Plagiarism using someone else's work and presenting it as your own
Copyright rights given to the creator a work
Public Domain Dedication handing a work over to a public domain; therefore giving up rights over the work
Attribution acknowledgement of the original creator a work
Non-Commercial does not relate to commerce
Share Alike a work that is distributed
Non Derivatives the creator of a work allows it to be used
Commecial involves goods and service; commerce
Derivatives works that include a large portion of copyrighted material
Trademark a word, symbol, etc. that represents the brand of a company
Patent protection of an invention
Infringement violating the terms of a law
Disclaimer a statement that denies responsibility
Licensed Material work that the creator has applied a public license to
Licensor the individual that is grant rights under a license
Adaptation a recreation of a work
Some Rights Reserved a creator maintains some rights over their work when it is entered into the public domain
Open Access unrestricted access to work
Academic Commons is a place where work is submitted for those in the same field or area of study to use freely.
Licensed Rights rights granted to an individual based on a license
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