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Keyboarding Vocab 4

shortcuts keystrokes that enact the same commands available in the menus of a program; they are quicker and more direct, and usually involve two or three keys depressed simultaneously
security protection of computer, computer files or a computer network from use without permission of the owner or owners
select or highlight to choose part of a document by clicking and dragging over it with the mouse to highlight the text
space bar a key on the keyboard that moves the cursor forward one space and produces a blank space when pressed
store to copy or transfer data from the computer to a storage medium such a disk or tape
save as to save a document with a new name
text any sequence of letters, numbers, punctuation and other symbols that you can type
technology the application of scientific discoveries to the development and improvement of goods and services that ideally improve the life of humans and their environment
toolbar (in a program with a graphical user interface) a strip of icons used to perform certain functions
transmit to send data electronically
troubleshoot to search for solutions to simple technical problems
telecommunication the act of sending and receiving information, such as data, text, pictures, voice, and video; the exchange of information can be within a building or around the globe
upload to send a file from your computer “Up” to a remote computer via network or phone lines
username first part of an e-mail address. Example: jmwinton is the user name of the following e-mail address. jmwinton@iss.k12.nc.us
vandalism the intentional act of destroying computer files or computer networks
virus a computer program designed to damage computer files
WYSIWYG monitor output that closely resembles the printed output. Most software now offers WYSIWYG options, like "print preview"
window a rectangular area on the screen where the information in a file is displayed
workstation an individual computer connected to a central computer and to other computers on a network