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Canada Unit Review

This waterway was discovered and explores by Samuel de Champlain. St. Lawrence River
What is the name of the major mountain range in western Canada that extends down into the United States? Rocky Mountains
What is the name of the massive region of Eastern Canada that is rich in natural resources? Canadian Shield
Which Canadian Province borders the Pacific Ocean? British Columbia
Which country borders Canada? United States
What is the most common religion of Quebec? Roman Catholic
Which pair of European countries contributed most to the languages of Canada? England and France
The original inhabitants of Canada, which included many Native American tribes, are called? First Nations
What was the first permanent French settlement in Canada? Quebec
Which explorer from France first discovered and explored Canada ? Samuel de Champlain
After France, which country gained control over much of the Canadian land? England
In what part of Canada do most people live? Close to the border of of the United States (Remember: Northern Canada is too darn cold!)
Which Canadian province has mostly French speaking citizens? Quebec (Remember: QUEBEC IS FRENCH!!)
Why are the northern most lands of Canada mostly uninhabitable by people? It is too cold and rugged.
Which type of government does Canada have in place? Constitutional Moarchy
Who is the head of the Canadian government and is chosen by his peers? Prime Minister
Created by: madison.hand