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Per Tab/Atoms

Located in the nucleus and have positive charges Protons
Located in the nucleus and have no charge (neutral) Neutrons
Located outside the nucleus and have negative charges Electrons
Each inner energy level has maximum number of these it can hold? Electrons
Where is the number of electrons shown on the periodic table for an element? Above the element
If an atom's mass is 8, how many subatomic particles would it have in the nucleus? 8
What is the number below the element represent? Atomic mass
What is Atomic mass? Total number of protons and neutrons
An atom that gains or loses electrons? Ion
Elements are the same if they have the same number of? Protons and Electrons
The same element with different amounts of neutrons are called? Isotopes
An element is identified by the number of ______ it has. Protons
What are groups 3 through 12 of the Periodic Table called? Transition elements
Elements that are in pairs? Diatomic
On the Periodic Table, what identifies the number of energy levels an atom has? Period number
What element family has 2 electrons on the outer level? Alkaline Earth Metals
When is an atom non-reactive? When its outer electron ring is full
What group are Noble Gasses in? 18
"1,2, jump the ditch, 3,4,5,6,7,8" number of valence electrons
Two or more elements that can't be separated? Compound
These are usually gasses or brittle elements and are poor conductors? non-metals
A metal has this property if you can form it into a sheet, roll it, or make into wire? Malleable
The only metal that is liquid at room temperature? Mercury
Located left of the zig-zag line? Metals
Located on the "steps" of the Periodic Table. Metalloids
Splitting of atoms Fission
Takes extreme heat and is not cost efficient to bind atoms? Fusion
The phase of mater that has the fastest molecular movement? Gas
Has the slowest molecular movement? Solid
Numbered in horizonally rows? Period
Numbered in vertical column? Group
Created the first Periodic table? Mendeleev
This family of elements comes in pairs and is reactive as a gas Halogens
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