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RADT 465 Img AC & EV

ARRT Registry Review Covering Image Acquisition and Evaluation

What will occur if there is an increase in added filtration? A decrease in x-ray intensity and an increase in effective energy of x-ray beam (Bushong, pp.146-147)
X-ray tubes in CT scanners must be able to do what? Rotate at high speed, produce short pulsed exposures, and ability to withstand millions of heat units (Bushong, pp. 429-430)
What component of the CR imaging plate records the image? Photostimulable phosphor (Carlton and Adler, pp. 357-358)
What transforms the luminescent light given off by the PSP into an image? Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) (Carlton and Adler, pp. 357-358)
In order to minimize motion unsharpness, what steps need to be taken? Give patient instructions, suspend respiration, use short exposure times (Carlton and Adler, p. 451)
What will happen if one uses a short SID with a large image receptor? Increase in anode heel effect (Carlton and Adler, p. 407)
In what way do electrons travel in the x-ray tube? Cathode to anode (Bushong, p. 122-125)
If the patient being x-rayed was diagnosed with atelectasis, what would one do to exposure factors? Increase (Bushong, p. 253)
If the patient being x-raying suffered from emphysema, what would one do to exposure factors? Decrease (Bushong, p. 253)
What is the term used to describe the reduction of x-ray photon intensity as it passes through materials? Attenuation (Bushong, p. 185)
What type of frequency and wavelength are diagnostic x-rays associated with? High frequency and short wavelength (Fosbinder and Orth, p. 18)
What does scatter radiation cause on a radiographic image? Produces fog (Bushong, p. 248)
What can be done to help reduce scattered radiation? Compression and beam restriction (Carlton and Adler, p. 228)
What occurs as the intensity of ionizing radiation decreases? The distance from the source of radiation increases (Fosbinder and Orth, p. 20)
Annotation and inversion/reversal are known as what? Digital image postprocessing tasks (Bushong, p. 473)
What is the purpose of the electroconductive layer of a PSP plate? To facilitate transportation through the scanner/reader (Fosbinder and Orth, p. 213)
What is used to measure the thickness of anatomical parts to determine exposure factors? Caliper (Bushong, p. 308)
What device analyzes focal-spot accuracy and requires two exposures? Slit camera (Bushong, p. 462)
The anode heel effect causes the intensity of the x-ray beam to be greatest where? Cathode end of beam (Carlton and Adler, p. 407)
What optimal kVp would be used for a skull? 80 kVp
In CT, beam attenuation or density values are expressed as what? Hounsfield units and CT numbers (Fosbinder and Orth, pp. 262-263)
What does a QA program do? Helps to keep patient dose to a minimum, keeps radiographic quality consistent, and ensure equipment efficiency (Carlton and Adler, pp 480-481)
What category do double exposures, motion, and image fading fall into? Artifacts (Bushong, p. 473)
What does not affect attenuation of a x-ray photon? Photon quantity (Bushong, p. 185)
What type of radiation interaction is responsible for producing the most x-ray photons at the x-ray tube target? Bremsstrahlung (Fosbinder and Orth, p. 74)
What happens to the scale of contrast as grid ratio decreases? Becomes longer (Carlton and Adler, p. 432)
What is the term used to describe the continued emission of light by a phosphor after the activating source has ceased? Phosphorescence (Bushong, p. 221)
What would occur if anatomy was off-centered causing grid cutoff? Overall loss of density (Carlton and Adler, p. 257)
Geometric unsharpness is directly influenced by what? OID (Carlton and Adler, pp. 444-445)
Recorded detail can be improved by decreasing what? OID and patient/part (Carlton and Adler, p. 451)
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