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Week 5 Lesson 2

Fair Use, Public Domain, Creative Commons

What is Fair Use? Government guidelines established for the use of copyrighted work for educational purposes without having to seek permission from the copyright owner.
What is Public Domain work? Works on which the copyright has expired or works published by the U.S. Government.
What is a notice of restriction? A notice incorporated into the first screen or page of a project informing your audience that certain material is being used under the U.S. copyright laws for fair use and are restricted from being duplicated or further use.
What is meant by commentary & criticism? Quoting directly from an original work for a non-commercial purpose such as a news report, education, etc.
What is meant by parody? A work that ridicules another in a comic way.
What is creative commons? A non-profit organization that enables the free and/or limited sharing and use of creative works and knowledge to include modification of work if the CC license allows modification.
What does Attribution mean? Users must give proper citation credit to the original work owner in a way that does not imply endorsement for its use.
What does Non-commercial mean? Users may use, copy, modify, and distribute the original work for any use as long as it is not for commercial work.
What does Share Alike mean? Users may copy, modify, use, and distribute the original work as long as they distribute any modified work on the same CC terms.
What does No Derivatives mean? Users may copy, distribute and use the work only, no modifications to the original work are allowed.
What is Google Books? A book search engine guiding users to sites and locations where that book or books with a certain text or subject can be found.
What is meant by copyrighted work? Legal protection of creative work such as written work, songs, music, photographs, software designs, architectural designs, etc.
What is a copyright license? Permission to use and share work according to the guidelines in place for that particular copyrighted work.
What is meant by educational use? Work used by educators in their lessons to teach, work used by students in their presentation work, work used by educators for peer presentation. Any work used in a format for the intention of learning.
What does "All Rights Reserved" mean? Rights distributed to the owner under copyright law to reproduce, distribute, display, and modify the work to which they hold the copyright for. This prevents others from using the rights listed above for the copyrighted work.
What does "Some Rights Reserved" mean? Creative Commons allows owners of original works to relinquish all or some of the rights they hold over the copyrighted work, thus allowing users to share, distribute, display and possibly modify the copyrighted work.
What is an educational institution? A nonprofit organization whose primary focus is research and instructional activities of educators and students for noncommercial purposes.
Define educators. Those who engage in scholarly, research and instructional activities for educational institutions.
What is meant by lawfully acquired? Obtained through purchase, gift or license agreement.
What is meant by portion limitations? The amount of copyrighted material that can be reasonably used without permission in educational multimedia projects.
What is educational multimedia? Creative work that combines students' or educators' original work with copyrighted work for educational purposes such as motion media, music, text, graphics, illustrations, etc.
What does "in the aggregate" mean? The total amount of copyrighted material from a single source that can be used without permission in an educational multimedia project.
What is Open Access literature? Literature that is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.
What does transformative mean? Transforming the material in a way to add new expression or meaning to the work.
What is "De Minimis"? When the amount of copyrighted work is so small or obscure that the courts permit it without a fair use analysis.
Created by: mamasally
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