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RADT 456:Rad Protect

ARRT registry review

Mobile radiographic units must be arranged so that the operator can stand at least how far from the unit? (160) 6 feet
The annual occupational whole-body dose-equivalent limit is how much? (161) 50 mSv
Classic scatter is also referred to as? (162) Thompson scatter
What time of radiation consists of leakage and scattered radiation? (163) Secondary radiation
TLDs are personnel radiation monitors that use what kind of crystals? (163) Lithium fluoride crystals
What kind of radiation is naturally occurring that is emitted from the earth and that also exists within our bodies? (163) Background radiation
For radiation safety, the fluoroscopy exposure switch must be what kind of switch? (166) Dead man switch
How high must primary radiation barriers be? (166) 7 feet
What is the unit called that measures the quantity of ionizations in the air? (167) Roentgen
The first noticeable skin response to excessive irradiation would be? (170) Erythema
Fluoroscopic equipment must provide at least how many inches between the x-ray source and the x-ray tabletop? (173) 12-15 inches
OSL dosimeters are radiation monitors that use what type of crystals? (178) aluminum oxide crystals
Chromosome aberration, cell death, and malignant disease are major effects of what? (179) DNA irradiation
True or False. Biologic tissue is more sensitive to radiation when it is in an oxygenated state. (180) True
Who is responsible for being certain that established guidelines are enforced and that personnel understand and employ radiation safety measures to themselves and their patients? (184) Radiation safety officer
What determines the degree of penetration and the amount of energy transferred to the irradiated tissue? (185) Radiation quality
What type of radiation emerges from the patient to form the radiographic image? (187) Remnant radiation
Pair production occurs only at very high levels of at least? (188) 1.02 MeV
Which type of interaction involves only the partial transfer of energy? (190) Compton interactions
What is the occupational dose limit for students under the age of 18 years of age in any given year? (181) 0.1 rem
What are the two most important ways to protect from radiation exposure? (173) Distance and lead
Radiation effects that appear days or weeks following exposure in response to high radiation doses is called? (171) Acute radiation syndrome
What is an example of a somatic effect of radiation? (163) Cataract
What is the name of the type of white blood cell concerned with the immune system that has the greatest radiosensitivity of all body cells? (160) Lymphocytes
What refers to a directional characteristic of the x-ray beam as it is emitted from the focal spot? (165) Divergence
Created by: hmchew2