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Chapter 15 forensics

Chapter 15 Vocabulary

cast 3d impression may be made to preserve evidence
dental stone casting material used in snow
dentin similar to bone composed primarily of calcium and phosphorus
dentition pattern shape of teeth
electrostatic dusting technique used to reveal fine dust and create an imprssion
enamel tough covering of teeth; hardest substance in the human body
gel lifting method used to visualize and recover latent impressions; best for oily or moist impressions
grooves indentations
latent impressions hidden impressions requiring special techniques to be visualized.
patent impressions 2 D impressions that are already visible
plastic impressions 3D impression cast in soft material such as soil, snow or blood
ridges elevated regions
skid to stop formula used to estimate speeds of vehicles
sole pattern on bottom of a piece of footwear
tire groove depression in tread pattern
tire rib ridge of tread running down tread area and around circumference of the tire
tire ridge elevated area on the tread pattern
track width distance from center of tread pattern on left tire to center of tread pattern on corresponding right tire; can be different for front and rear axles.
tread pattern unique design or a tire's surface
turning diameter measure of how tight a circle can be driven by a vehicle
wheel base distance from center of front axle on a vehicle to center of rear axle.
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