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RADT 456: Rad Proced

ARRT registry review

Small amounts of fluid within the peritoneal or pleural space are best demonstrated in the lateral decubitus position with which side down? (89) Affected side down
What do weight-bearing lateral projections of the feet best demonstrate? (91) Longitudinal arches
Adequate inspiration can be visualized on a chest x-ray by what? (93) 10 posterior ribs
Which position of the shoulder places the lesser tubercle in profile medially and places the humerus in a true lateral position? (94) Internal rotation
How many facial bones are there? (95) 14
The 45-degree oblique projection of the lumber spine generally is performed from demonstration of the? (96) Apophyseal joints
Which stem of the bronchus is wider, more vertical, and is more likely to aspirate foreign bodies? (97) Right main stem
The parietoacanthal (Waters method) projection demonstrates the? (99) maxillary sinuses
To better visualize the joint space in the lateral projection of the knee, how much flexion is recommended? (101) 20 to 30 degrees
What is an example of a diarthrotic, or synovial joint? (102) Knee and TMJ
A PA axial projection of the skull with what kind of angle will show the petrous pyramids in the lower third of the orbits? (111) 15-degree caudad angle
The obturator foramen is a large oval foramen below each acetabulum and is formed by the? (117) Ischium and pubis
Generally, contrast medium is injected into the subarachnoid space between what level of the lumbar vertebrae? (119) third and fourth
The foot is comprised of 5 metatarsals, 14 phalanges, and how many tarsal bones? (128) 7 tarsal bones
The laryngeal prominence is also known as the, which is formed by the thyroid cartilage? (119) Adam's apple
The AP projection of the coccyx requires the CR to be angled in which direction and how much? 10 degrees caudally
The knee joint is formed by the femur, tibia, and _____? (93) Patella
A medial oblique of the elbow demonstrates what in profile? (89) coronoid process, trochlea, and medial epicondyle
In which quadrant is the gallbladder located in? (84) Right Upper Quadrant
What plane passes vertically through the midline of the body, dividing it into left and right halves? (105) Midsagittal plane (MSP)
The bony thorax consists or how many pairs of ribs? (97) 12 pairs
The ASIS is in the same transverse plane as? (93) S2
What is it called when there is the forward slipping of one vertebra on the one below it? (87) Spondylolisthesis
When the arm is placed in the AP position how do the epicondyles lie in relation to the IR? (118) Parallel
The jugular notch located at the superior aspect of the manubrium which is at the same level as? (125) T2-3
Myelography is a radiologic examination of the structures within the what? (114) Spinal canal
Bilateral AP oblique hands are most commonly called the "Ball-Catcher position", what is the technical term? (110) Norgaard method
Which body type is large and heavy? (105) Hypersthenic
What kind of fracture would not protrude but rather would be pushed in? (103) Depressed
The sternal angle is located at the same angle as? (125) T4-5
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