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female reproductive

female reproductive system

what are the principle organs of the female reproductive system ovary,uterus,uterine tube,vulva,vagina & breast & mammary glands
what is the primary sex organs of the female ovaries
where is the site where egg production or oogenesis occurs ovaries
how long is the ovarian cycle every 28 days,normally
what is the first 14 days in the ovarian cycle called, and what happen then? follicular phase,which ends in ovulation.
what is the last 14 days in the ovarian cycle called and what happen then? luteal phase,which ends in menses if no pregnancy occurs.
what is the uterus? a muscular chamber that provides proctection & nutrition for the developing embryo & fetus.
the uterus is composed of what 3 parts 1.body-largest division2.fundus-rounded portion of the body above the uterine tubes.3.cervix-inferior portion of the uterus
what are the 3 stages of the uterine cycle 1.menses2.proliferative phase3.secretory phase
what happens in the menses stage of uterine cycle degeneration of the superficial layer of the endometrium & declining in progesterone & estrogen
what is menstruation sloughing of tissue
what is the proliferative phase after completion of the menses when a new layer is formed
what is the secretory phase uterine glands enlarge increasing secretion awaiting arrival of the developing embryo
what is the first menstrual period called menarche
what is menopause when the supply of ova is exhausted
around what age does menopause happen cycle ends at age 45-55
what is the other name for uterine tubes fallopian tubes
what is the function of the uterine tubes a passageway for the egg & sperm to travel
what is the vagina the elastic muscular tube b/w the uterus & the vestibule
what allows the vagina to stretch the rugae on the vagina walls
what is the average length of the vagina 7.5-9cm(3-3.5in)
what are the vagina and the vestibule separated by hymen
what is the hymen a elastic fold that separates the vagina & the vestibule
the vagina serves as what 3 purpose 1.passage way for elimination for menstrual fluids2.receives the penis during intercourse and holds the sperm3.lower portion of the birth canal for childbirth
what is the perineum the muscular floor of the pelvic cavity
what includes all structures in the external genitalia perineum
where is the perineum located at b/w the lower edge of the vulva to top of the anus
what are the structures of external genitalia vulva,vestibule,clitoris,labia majora,mons pubis
what are the two parts to the clitoris glans & prepuce
what is the mons pubis prominent bulge of adipose tissue anterior to the pubic symphysis
what are gonads reproductive organs that produce hormones and reproductive cells(gametes)
what is fertilization(conception) the time in which a male gamete & female gamete unite
what is a zygote a fertilize egg
where does fertilization occurs at in the upper 1/3 of the uterine tubes
what is the vulva the region enclosing the external genitalia.the outer is formed by the mons pubis & labia majora
what is the vestibule a central spacing at the opening to the vagina which is bounded by the labia minora
what is the labia majora adipose tissue that encircles & partially conceals the labia minora & vestibular structures(urethra&vagina)
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