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CT Review 2


What does the gantry contain? Scan controller, generator, transformer, slip ring, tube, detectors, and DAS
What is the host computer? the link between the tech and imaging system, which can multi-task
Is the Scan controller Digital to Analog or Analog to Digital? Digital to Analog (DAC)
Does the generator change AC to DC or DC to AC? AC to DC
What kind of assembly is the tube mounted on? rotating assembly
When is the only time during imaging is the tube stationary? for scout film
What are other names for scout film? plain film and scanogram
The level of photons that penetrate the body is controlled by? Kv
The filament temp is controlled by? mA
What are the beam shaping filters? bowtie and wedge
When referring to the beam wavelengths how is the beam described? polychromatic
what is the range for the high voltage Kv? 80-140 Kv
What is Bremsstrahlung often referred to as? breaking radiation
What does Pre-collimation do? chooses slice thickness and is used after photons produced before they enter pt body
What does Post-collimation do? stops scatter and works with pre to better define slice thickness
What type of gas do the gas detectors use? xenon
What the most commonly used detectors? Solid state/scintillation detectors
what is the coordinate system used in CT? XYZ
which coordinates are used as land marked creating the image? X (across) and Y (up/down)
What type of converter does the DAS (Digital acquisition system) use? analog to digital (ADC)
What is the Array Processor? primary location for mathematical calculations
What is the Array processor's primary function? to change raw data to CT image
What are the main components of the CT system? Gantry, DAS, Array Processor, Operators console, Host computer
What does DICOM stand for? Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
What does HIPAA stand for? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
What are some ways to store ct images? CD, DUE, and PACS
What does PACS stand for? picture archiving and communication system
Why is a filter at the tube window used? to limit radiation exposure
What are the 2 types of collimators? pre and post
What gen ct scanner uses scintillation crystals? 4th gen
Created by: Chrslarsen