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CT Review 1


Name the 2 inventors of CT. Sir Godfrey Hounsfield and Allan Cormack
The name Hounsfield is now used to describe what? brightness/contrast of tissues in CT images
CT is _______ dimension. 3
Conventional Radiography is _____ dimension. 2
Third generation is also referred to as ____-____ motion. rotate-rotate
Helical/slip ring is what generation scanner? 3rd
What is pitch? determines how fast the body is moved thru the scanner and how much the xray beam is spread over the body.
What was the first scanner used to examine? head
A ct number is also referred to as? Hounsfield number
What planes do CT images use? axial, sagittal, coronal
What is the slip ring? the rotating assembly used to enable the passage of electrical signal during continuous rotation of the helical ct scanner
What is helical/spiral ct? the type of ct acquisition whereby the xray tube and pt continuously move during scanning, yielding a raw data set in the form of a helix
What is the 5th generation scanner called? electron beam
what is the first image taken with a ct machine? scout image
higher pitch= shorten scan time
what are some advantages of helical? pt can hold breath, less motion, better use of contrast, faster study
What is raw data? the transmission measurements obtained by the detectors used to mathematically reconstruct the ct image
What is single slice CT? a ct system with a single row of detectors capable of acquiring only one image section for each gantry rotation
What is multi-slice ct? has multiple rows of detectors, increased speed, good for angiography, can obtain more than one section for each gantry rotation.
How many times higher are the differences between tissue with CT compared to Xray? at least 10x higher
Created by: Chrslarsen