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C.PH.T Certified Pharmacy Technician
D.O Doctor of Osteopathy
L.P.N Licensed Practical Nurse
M.D Medical Doctor
P&T Pharmacy and therapeutics
PharmD Doctor Of Pharmacy
R.D. Registered Dietician
R.N. Registered Nurse
R.Ph. Registered Pharmacist
R.T. Registered Therapist
TJC The Joint Commission
Clinical Pharmacy Patient-Focused care such as drug therapy review or drug level monitoring
Formulary Approved drug list for organization or institution
Institutional Review Board Committee designated to approve, monitor, and research involving human with the aim of protecting the rights and welfare of research subjects
Unit dose System Drug distribution method in which single doses are packaged and delivered in patient-specific containers
ac before meal
b.i.d twice a day
C with dash above with
d/c discontinue
gtt drop
hs bedtime
NKA no know allgeries
NPO nothing by mouth
po by mouth
pc after meals
prn as needed
q4h every 4 hours
QID 4 times a day
stat Immediately
TID 3 times daily
u.d. as directed
Prescription an order for drugs to be used by a particular individual issued by a licensed health professional authorized to prescribe
Inpatient Order A doctors order for a person who is a patient in a hospital or other institutional setting
TD To deliver
TC To Contain
qs ad quantity sufficient to make
meniscus concave or crescent-shaped surface of a liquid in a container that bulges downward
volumetric container vessel used to measure and/or deliver exact volumetric quantities of liquid substances, with the capacity clealry inscribed
Every outpatient in ohio prescription Date issued, full name of patient, directions for use, drug strength, refills authorized, quantity of drug, name of drug, phone # of prescriber, name of prescriber, professional title of prescriber.
Qualified Pharmacy Tech 18 years of age, High School diploma, Passed approved examination, no felonies.
Any pharmacy personal can perform engage in compounding any drug, package or label any drug, prepare or mix any i.v drug to be injected.
Pharmacy techs may be called to do receive written prescription, retrieve medication from shelf, deliver meds, answers phones, prepare records, price prescriptions
Pharmacy Tech MAY NOT Receive verbal prescription, counsel patients regarding drug therapy, administer immunizations, perform final check on prescription or meds
Outpatient Prescription required Name address of dispensing pharmacy, full names of patient and prescriber, directions for use, unique serial number and date of dispensing, name of drug, strength, quantity dispense, name of distributor of drug.
iiiss 3.5
XL 40
5gr 325mg
130mg 2gr
2tsp 10ml
1lb 0.45kg
0.25 25%
1:50 2%
2Tbsp 1 fl. Oz
908g 2lb
1fl 3 5ml
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