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types of drugs and classes

brand namegeneric nameclassificationusenarcotic class
codeine codeine analgesic pain II
duragesic fentanyl analgesic pain II
dilaudid hydromorphone analgesic severe pain II
MS Contin, roxanol morphine sulfate analgesic severe pain II
oxycontin oxycodone analgesic severe pain II
percocet oxycodone-APAP analgesic severe pain II
opana oxymorphone opioid severe pain II
tylenol #3 analgesic pain
vicodin, lortab, norco hydrocodone- APAP analgesic pain II
vicoprofen hydrocodone-ibuprofen analgesic pain II
androgel,testim, axiron testoterone topical androgen hypogonadism III
fiornal butalbital/aspririn/caffeine migraine migraine, tension heaadaches III
fioricet butalbital/acetaminophen/caffiene migraine migraine, tension headaches III
marinol dronabinol nausea/vomitting nausea/vomiting III
klonopin clonazepam benzodiazepine anti-convulsant IV
xanax alprazolam benzodiazepine anxiety IV
valium diazepam benzodiazepine anxiety IV
ativan lorazepam benzodiazepine anxiety IV
adipex-p phentermine cns stimulant diet supression IV
lunesta eszopiclone nonbenzodiazepine insomnia IV
restoril temazepam benzodiazepine insomnia IV
ultracet tramadol/APAP analgesic pain IV
ultram tramadol central analgesic pain IV
phenobarbital phenobarbital barbituate seizures IV
cheratussin AC guaifenesin-codeine cough suppressant cough V
promethazine-codeine promethazine-codeine antitussive cough V
lomotil diphenoxylate-atropine antispasmodic diarrhea V
lyrica pregamblin fibromyalgia fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain V
vimpat lacosamide seizure disorder partial seizures V
coradone amiodarone antiarrhythmic abnormal heart rate
betapace sotalol beta-adrenergic blocker abnormal heart rate
dexilant dexlansoprazole proton pump inhibitor acid reflux heartburn ulcers
nexium esomeprazole proton pump inhibitor acid reflux heartburn ulcers
pepcid famotidine h2 antagonist acid reflux heartburn ulcers
prilosec omeprazole proton pump inhibitor acid reflux heartburn ulcers
protonix pantoprazole proton pump inhibitor acid reflux heartburn ulcers
zantac rantidine h2 antagonist acid reflux heartburn ulcers
minocin minocycline tetracycline acne
allegra fexofenadine antihistamine allergy
nasonex mometasone inhaled steroid allergy
aricept donepezil cholinesterase inhibitor alzheimer disease
namenda memantine alzheimer alzheimer disease dementia
vitamin b12 cyanicibanamin vitamin anemia
ferrous sulfate ferrous sulfate iron supplement anemia
folic acid folic acid vitamin anemia
celebrex celecoxib COX-2 inhibitor anti- inflammatory
dexamethasone dexamethasone corticosteroid anti-inflammatory
voltaren diclofenac nsaid anti-inflammatory
etodolac etodolac nsaid anti-inflammatory
advil, motrin ibuprofen nsaid anti-inflammatory
incodin indomethacin nsaid anti-inflammatory
mobic meloxicam nsaid anti-inflammatory
medrol methylprednisolone corticosteroid anti-inflammatory
nabumetone nabumetone nsaid anti-inflammatory
aleve naproxen nsaid anti-inflammatory
feldene piroxicam nsaid anti-inflammatory
sterapred prednisone corticosteroid anti-inflammatory
buspar buspirone antianxiety anxiety
atarax, vistaril hydroxyzine antianxiety anxiety, allergy
Flonase, flovent fluticasone inhaled steroid asthma, allergy
singulair montelukast leukotriene receptor antagognist asthma allergy
proair preventil ventolin albuterol sympathomimetric asthma copd
xopenex levalbuterol sympathomimetric asthma copd
lithobid lithium carbonate antipsychotic bipolar disorder
yaz drospirenone-ethinyl estradiol contraceptive hormone birth control
nuvaring etonogestrel-ethinyl estradiol contraceptive hormone birth control
provera medroxyproesterone contraceptive hormone birth control
loestrin norethindrone-ethinyl estradiol contrtaceptive hormone birth control
Ditropan xl oxybutynin antipasmodic bladder conrol
dolophine methadone analgesic addiction, severe pain II
adderall amphetamine CNS stimulant adhd II
ritalin, concerta amphetamine CNS stimulant adhd II
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