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RADT 465: Protection

ARRT Review: Radiation Protection

What has to do with the irradiation of water molecules and the formation of free radicals? radioloysis (Lang Q&A, 161)
What devices are personnel radiation monitors that use lithium fluoride crystals? TLDs (Lang Q&A, 163)
What radiation consists of leakage and scattered radiation? Secondary Radiation (Lang Q&A, 163)
What happens in photoelectric effect? a relatively low-energy photon uses all its energy to eject an inner-shell electron, leaving a vacancy (Lang Q&A, 162)
What happens to intensity of the xray as an xray source moves away from an absorber? the intensity(quantity) decreases (Lang Q&A, 162)
How many times should the xray beam scatter before reaching the operator? twice (Lang Q&A, 163)
What time of affects occur years after inital exposure and are caused by low, chronic exposures? late somatic effects (Lang Q&A, 163)
What are some examples of late somatic effects? cataract and cancer (Lang Q&A, 163)
What is the annual occupational whole-body dose-equivalent limit? 50 mSv (5 rem) (Lang Q&A, 163)
What is the annual occupational dose limit for the lens of the eye? 150 mSv (15 rem) (Lang Q&A, 163)
What is the annual occupational dose limit for the thyroid, skin and extremeities? 500 mSv (500 mrem) (Lang Q&A, 163)
How is the selected mAs related to patient dose? directly (Lang Q&A, 163)
How is kV related to patient dose? inversely (Lang Q&A, 163)
When does scattering occur? When there is aprtial transfer of the proton's energy to matter (compton effect) (Lang Q&A, 165)
When does absorption occur? When an xray photon interacts with matter and disappears (photoelecteic effect) (Lang Q&A, 165)
What refers to the a directional characteristic of the xray beam as it is emitted from the focal spot? divergence (Lang Q&A, 165)
What is attenuation? When the reduction in the intensity (quantity) of an xray beam as it passes through matter (Lang Q&A, 165)
What cells are more radiosensitive? immature/undifferentiated/stem cells (Lang Q&A, 165)
What monitoring device uses aluminum oxide crystals? OSL dosimeters (Lang Q&A, 165)
Lead aprons must contain what amount of protection? at least .25 mm Pb (.5 is recommended) (Lang Q&A, 165)
What is the acronym for radiation absorbed dose and measures the energy deposited in any material? Rad (Lang Q&A, 167)
What refers to tissue without oxygen? anoxic (Lang Q&A, 167)
What refers to tissue with little oxygen? hypoxic (Lang Q&A, 167)
When is tissue sensitive to radiation? tissue is most sensitive when it is oxygenated and least sensitive when it is devoid of oxygen (Lang Q&A, 167)
What is a reddening of the skin very much like a sunburn? erythema (Lang Q&A, 167)
What is dry peeling of the skin? dry desquamation (Lang Q&A, 167)
What is peeling with associated puss-like fluid? moist dequamation (Lang Q&A, 167)
What is hair loss? epilation (Lang Q&A, 167)
What is the unit of exposure? Roentgen (Lang Q&A, 167)
What is the acronym for radiation equivalent man? Rem (Lang Q&A, 167)
What is the fundamental prinicple of operation of both film badge and the pocket dosimeter? ionization (Lang Q&A, 171)
What describes the percentage of time that the primary beam is directed toward a particular wall? use factor (Lang Q&A, 171)
What is determined by ta reflection of who occupies particular areas? occupancy (Lang Q&A, 171)
What is determined by the number of xray exposures made per week? workload (Lang Q&A, 171)
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