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Of the following items, which ones will conduct electricity? brick, iron nail, rubber band, salt water, toothpick salt water and iron nail
What is used to easily open and close a circuit? switch
What material will best conduct electricity? Glass marble, aluminum foil, rubber band, plastic tube, cardboard, aluminum foil
What should you do if the cord to a fan is worn out and you can see the wire? Do not use until it is properly fixed.
Why is copper used in electrical cords? Copper is a good conductor of electricity.
Why is plastic used in electrical cords? Plastic is a good insulator to protect you from electrical shock.
What happens when you turn a switch to the off position? The circuit is open and is considered a broken circuit.
What happens when you turn a switch to the on position? The switch is closed and is considered a complete circuit.
What is the path along which electricity travels? electric circuit
What keeps electricity from getting to you? insulator
Be able to look at various diagrams and determine which one produces light and heat. The circuit must be a complete, closed loop.
Which solutions should conduct electricity? salt water and baking soda solution
Looking at a cut away view of an electrical cord know which parts are conductors, insulators, and which are made of metal and which are made of plastic.