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RADT 465: Equipment

ARRT registry review covering Equipment operation and quality control

What type of x-ray tube is designed to turn on and off rapidly, providing multiple short, precise exposures? P. 279 Grid-controlled P. 296
If exposure factors of 85 kV, 400 mA, and 12ms yield an output exposure of 150 mR, what is the milliroentgens per milliampere-seconds (mR/mAs)? P. 279 31 P. 297
What causes pitting, or many small surface melts, of the anode's focal track? P. 280 Repeated, frequent overloading P. 298
Congruence of the x-ray beam with the light field is tested using what? P. 281 Radiopaque objects P. 299
If the primary coil of a high-voltage transformer is supplied by 220 V and has 400 turns and the secondary coil has 100,000 turns, what is the voltage induced in the secondary coil? P. 281 55 kV P. 299
As window level increases...? P. 282 Brightness increases P. 300
What device converts electrical energy to mechanical energy? P. 282 Motor P. 301
The voltage ripple associated with a three-phase, six-pulse rectified generator is about? P. 283 13% P. 303
As electrons impinge on the anode surface, less than 1% of their kinetic energy is changed to...? P. 285 X-rays P. 305
Which of the following is used in digital fluoroscopy, replacing the image intensifier's television camera tube? P. 284 Charge-coupled device P. 303
Star and wye configurations are related to...? P. 284 Three-phase transformers P. 304
The device used to change alternating current to unidirectional current is? P. 287 A solid-state diode P. 308
The kV settings on radiographic equipment must be tested annually and must be accurate to within...? P. 286 +/- 4 kV P. 307
With what frequency must radiographic equipment be checked for linearity and reproducibility? P. 289 Annually P. 310
Which of the following equipment is mandatory for performance of a myelogram? P. 288 Tilting x-ray table P. 309
Which part of an induction motor is located outside the x-ray tube glass envelope? P. 289 Stator P. 311
Off-focus, or extrafocal, radiation is minimized by...? P. 290 Restricting the x-ray beam as close to its source as possible P. 313
Light-sensitive AEC devices are known as...? P. 292 Photoimers P. 314
A photostimulable phosphor plate is used with...? P. 294 CR P. 317
The image intensifier's input phosphor generally is composed of...? P. 294 Cesium iodide P. 316
Created by: dalanham88