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RADT 465 Equip. and

RADT 465 Equip. and QC

Energy loss from a slowed down electron is given up as an x-ray photon is what type of x-ray production? Bremsstrahlung (Radiography PREP pg. 431)
The energy from ____ x-ray production results from ejecting an electron. Characteristic (Radiography PREP pg. 431)
The number of cycles per second that is measured in hertz is referred to as _____ frequency (Radiography PREP pg. 432)
What is the distance between two consecutive wave crests? wavelength (Radiography PREP pg. 432)
A generator converts mechanical energy into _____ energy. electrical (Radiography PREP pg. 439)
A step up transformer does what to the voltage? increases (Radiography PREP pg. 441)
An autotransformer operates on the principle of (self or mutual) induction self (Radiography pg. 441)
The anode is (positive or negative) while the cathode is (positive or negative). positive, negative (Radiography PREP pg. 444)
What part of the x-ray tube creates a diode and is heat resistant to maintain the necessary vacuum required for x-ray production? glass envelope (Radiography PREP pg. 444)
Tungsten has a high or low atomic number? high (Radiography PREP pg. 446)
True/False: The effective focal spot is always larger than the actual focal spot. False; smaller (Radiography PREP pg. 448)
True/False: All of the energy used to make x-rays, produces x-rays. False; 98% is lost as heat (Radiography PREP pg. 451)
How much of the part/patient is directly included on the matrix is considered the _____ Field of View (FOV) (Radiography PREP pg. 457)
A pixel is two or three dimensional? two dimensional (Radiography PREP pg. 457)
Digital Image Resolution improves with smaller pixel size, smaller pixel pitch and a larger image ____ matrix (Radiography PREP pg. 458)
What does PSP stand for? Photostimulable storage phosphor (Radiography PREP pg. 459)
True/False: Higher contrast resolution means the better the ability to see adjacent shades of gray. True (Radiography PREP pg. 463)
_____ is the term for anything that interferes visualization of the image we wish to. Noise (Radiography PREP pg. 463)
The dose to a fluoroscopic patient (increases or decreases) as the II is moved closer to them. decreases (Radiography PREP pg. 479)
Magnification results in the loss of some image brightness, in order to compensate what is increased automatically? mA (Radiography PREP pg. 482)
Created by: sadugan