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Assignment 1 option2

Pysch for Success Taking Tests

Taking Tests there are 3 factors to consider. True or False? True
Your ________ for each test is to score the ________ number of points possible. goal, maximum
What should you do or use before walking into the room for a test? A.Collect B.Organize C.Rehearse D. Evaluate E. All of the above
Which one of these tips are not used for maximizing essay points? A.Always write something B.Dont answer at all if you dont know the answer C.Leave 3 or 4 blank lines after each answer in case you think of something later that can be added at the end. D.If you can type ask the instructor if you can bring a laptop in
If you get stuck on a question you should just sit there and try to figure it out. True or False? False
Revise the ________ or _________ and use it as the first sentence of your essay. question, topic
Words such as define, compare, contrast, describe, evaluate, summarize, and explain the cause require different sorts of responses. True or False? True
What are some math test smart strategies to apply during a math test? A.if there is still time at the end, revisit each problem and double check all calculations B.Do first pass through the test & solve all problems you can do easily C.Make a second pass to work on more challenging problems D.Write notes & formulas on th
When answering essay questions, first you usually need to write your ______ from ________ stored in your ________(not in your notes). essay, information, memory
When answering multiple choice questions you should? A. Cross out all obviously incorrect answers B.If you know 2 or more answers are correct, choose "All of the Above" C. If one is more thorough, choose that answer D. All of the above
You should prepare yourself for a test emotionally and physically. True or False? True
Previewing a test when you get it is not valuable. True or False? False
The _______ rule of a test smart plan is spend time in ________ to points available. second, proportion
___________ ___________ - Create a mental movie of ___________ taking the exam with great ________. Visualize Success, yourself, success
Most people assume that tests reveal how much you know and maybe even how intelligent you are. True or False? True
If the question contains an ___________ word, such as all, every, only, never, or always, the answer is probably _______. unconditional, false
When answering fill in the blank questions you should do which one of these? A.Always write something in the blank unless you will be penalized B.Make sure the answer fits grammatically in the sentence C.After inserting the answer, read the sentence to make sure it all makes sense D. All of the above
Which of these words are Guide words? A.Analyze B.Explain C.Evaluate D.All of the above
After taking test describe what you should do to reward yourself or how you should reward yourself. No matter how you did on the test, give yourself a treat for all of the studying you did before the test and all of the efforts you have put in. Go out to dinner, take a bubble bath, or rent a movie.
After taking a test what does it mean to analyze your errors? By analyzing your errors you can determine how to score more points on the next test. You might have lost points because you studied the wrong material or you didnt have a test smart plan.
Created by: MRSUTAH831
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