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Johnny Tremain

Review Game

Mason a member of a worldwide secret society whose purpose is a mutual aid my mom is a mason
allay put at rest i allay in my bed
garrulous talking in too much power shhhh your talking to garrulous
maudlin sentimental in a weak silly way tearfully silly you did that in a very maudlin way
lassitude lack of energy i feel lassitudeed
queue a line of people did you see the queue in new yourk city
qualm momentary feeling of faintness or nausea why are you so qualm
punctilious very careful and exact i like to be punctilious
animosity keen hostile feelings do u feel animostiy
sundry several they where sundry people in line
vain without effect or success you did very vain on that test
invisible unable to be conquered. I feel very invinsible
lithe bending easily pencils are not lithe
What does Johnny decide to do after the night he spends on Coop's Hill? His mother told him if God has turned his head on you and nothing is available go and live with Mr. Lyte. So he decides the next day that he will go to live with Mr. Lyte.
What do you find out about the Sons of Liberty?Is it a positive or negative description? You find out that Rab is in the Whig party and was involved with the Sons of Liberty. He took part in the Boston Tea Party. It is a positive description.
How does Mr. Lyte try to influence the court case? Mr. Lyte walked in pretending to own the place. He was talking to everyone in the courtroom, trying to be friendly.
How does the court case turn out? Johnny ends up winning the court case. He gets the cup his Mother gave him, the one he was accused of stealing.
What brings Johnny to the verge of tears at the end of the chaper? Why? At first Isannah reject Johnny and his hand. Johnny is brought to tears when Isannah kissed his bad hand. He was brought to tears because at first Isannah had rejected him and his bad hand.
What happens to Johnny? Johnny's hand gets covered in silver due to the broken crucible. His hand healed with his thumb and index finger combining skin and healing together as one.
What does Johnny risk by working on Sunday? If anybody in the town sees Johnny working on Sunday he can be he could be hung or thrown into jail for breaking the law.
What did Mr. Lapham do about Mr. Hancock's order? Mr. Lapham gives the model bowl back to Mr. Hancock. He does not explain why it is not finished or what happened to Johnny in the process.
How does Mrs. Lapham's treatment of Johnny change? Mrs. Lapham calls him a lazy pig and many other names. Johnny is not her favorite any more, because he can only do household chores because of his hand.
Created by: linlin2997
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