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Stress Management

Chapter 6

Locus of Control A sense of who or what is in control of one''s life; people with an internal one take responsibility for their actions; those with an external one place responsibility on external factors like luck or the weather
Biphasic Personality Traits Survivor personality traits; the ability to use both right-brain and left-brain thinking processes to successfully deal with a problem or stressors.
Type A Behavior The hurry sickness; the collection of stress-producing or -promoting characteristics reflecting low self-esteem, and including time urgency, rapid speech patterns, super-competitiveness, and hostile aggression.
Survivor Personality The traits that comprise a unique winning attitude to overcome adversity and challenges, no matter what the odds may be, so that one comes out the victor, not the victim.
Codependency A stress-prone personality with many traits and behaviors that seem to increase the likelihood of perceived stress and the inability to cope effectively with it; addictive in nature; based on the need to make others dependent to receive self-validation.
Hardy Personality A term coined by Maddi and Kobasa; personality characteristics that, in combination, seem to buffer against stress: control, commitment, and challenge.
Enabler A term coined in the alcohol recovery movement, referring to a person who allows a spouse, parent, or child to continue either a substance or process addiction.
Multitasking Acting on many responsibilities at one time (driving and talking on a cell phone) to save time, yet potentially compromising the integrity of both outcomes.
Process Addiction The addiction to a behavioral process such as shopping, intercourse, gambling, television watching, cutting, and codependent behaviors.
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