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Density and Contrast

If you increase mAs then density will..... increase
if you decrease mAs then density will.... decrease
How are mAs and densityt related? inversely/directly directly
What is the influencing factor of density? kVp
What is the controlling factor of density? mAs
If you increase your SID then denisty will decrese/increase? decrease
If you increase OID then denisty will decrease/increase? decrease
What does filtration alter? intensity
if you decrease filtration then density will increase/decrease? increase
Filtration and density have a ____ relationship. inverse
Beam restriction will ______ scatter photons. reduce
if you increase beam restriction the density will ______. decrease
Increased part thickness will result in a _______ of density. decrease
Additive pathology will increase/decrease density. decrease
destructive pathology will increase/decrease density increase
Grids and density have a _______ relationship. inverse
A high grid ratio will do what to the density? decrease
Film/screen speed has a _______ relationship with density. direct
Film/screen speed and mAs have a _____ relationship to denisty. direct
Definition of density _______________. the degree of blackening on the film
Density is controlled by ____. mAs
____ controls the current through the xray tube. mAs
What is governed by the 15% rule ? kVp
optimal density is __-__? 0.25-2.25
grids absorb scatter radiation which affect ______. density
change ___ by 30% in order to see a visible change in denisty. mAs
when mAs is increased, SID decrease, kVp is increased, FSS is increased, grid ratio is decreased, beam restriction is dcreased......... density will _______. increase
The difference between adjacnt densities is ________. Contrast
The controlling factor of contrast is ___. kVp
If you increase kVp then contrast will increase/decrease. decrease
Few shades of gray, low kVp, short scale, narrow latitude will have a (high/low) contrast? high
Many shades of gray, high kVp, long scale, wide latitude will have a (high/low) contrast. low
If you increase mAs contrast will ____________. Do nothing (no effect)
Does the anode heel effect affect contrast? No
If you increase SID contrast will _______. increase
Distance and Contrast are (directly/inversely) related? directly
If you increase filtration contrast will _______. decrease
If you increase beam restriction contrast will ______. increase
Additive pathology will (increase/decrease) contrast. decrease
Destructive pathology will (increase/decrease) contrast. increase
A higher grid ratio will (increase/decrease) contrast. increase
Will Film screen speed effect contrast? no
Does film processing effect contrast? Yes.
Increase temp time or rate of film processing the contrast will (increase/decrease) decrease
Decreasing temp, time or rate during film processing will (increase/decrease) contrast. increase
the difference between adjacent tissues or shades of gray contrast
contrast is controlled by ___. kVp
three forms of contrast are _____,______,______. film, subject, developer
What would you use to to calculate the change in beam intensity? inverse sqaure law
primary function of contrast is to ____ _____ _____. make detail visible
what is produced by the photoelectric effect? contrast
Short scale contrast is produced by _ _____ ___. a lower kVp
High contrast has a (long/short) scale contrast. short (few shades of gray)
Long scale contrast will have (low/high) contrast. low
low contrast is produced at (high/low) kvp. high
many shades of gray will have a (low/high) contrast. low
Because grids reduce the amount of scatter contrast is (increased/decreased) increased
Films with a (wide/narrow) latitude will have short scale contrast which means there are few shades of gray. narrow
Created by: jwheeler29