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image procedures

midsagittal or median sagittal plan divides body into left and right halves (Radiology Prep, p. 81)
sagittal plane any plane parallel with MSP (Radiology Prep, p. 81)
midcoronal plane divides body into anterior and posterior halves (Radiology Prep, p. 81)
coronal plane any plane parallel to the MCP (Radiology Prep, p. 81)
transverse or horizontal plane perpendicular to the MSP and MCP, and divides the body axially into superior and inferior portions (Radiology Prep, p. 81)
hypersthenic large and heavy, chest is short, high diaphragm, stomach, gallbladder, and colon are high and lateral (Radiology Prep, p. 81)
sthenic average size, stomach more medial (Radiology Prep, p. 81)
hypostenic less athletic and more skinny (Radiology Prep, p.81)
astenic small, slender, frail-looking, long chest and abdomen is low and medial (Radiology Prep, p. 81)
pronation turning the body or arm so the palm faces backward, with the thumb toward midline of the body (Radiology Prep, p. 84)
supination turning the body or arm so the palm faces forward, with the thumb away from midline of the body (Radiology Prep, p. 83)
abducton movement of the part away from the body's MSP (Radiology Prep, p. 84)
adduction movement of the part toward the body's MSP (Radiology Prep, p. 84)
flexion bending motion of an articulation , decreasing the angle between associated bones (Radiology Prep, p. 84)
extension bending motion of an articulation , increasing the angle between associated bones (Radiology Prep, p. 84)
eversion turning outward or lateral motion of an articulation, sometimes with external tension or stress applied (Radiology Prep, p. 84)
inversion turning inward or medial motion of an articulation, sometimes with internal tension or stress applied (Radiology Prep, p. 84)
rotation movement of a part about its central or long axis (Radiology Prep, p. 84)
circumduction movement of a limb that produces circular motion; a small area at it proximal end and a wide area at the distal end (Radiology Prep, p. 84)
hematopoiesis production of blood cells in the bone marrow (Radiology Prep, p. 91)
trabeculae lattice-like bone in cancellous or spongy bone (Radiology Prep, p. 91)
articulation or joint site of close approximation of two or more bones (Radiology Prep, p. 91)
arthrology study of bony articulations (Radiology Prep, p. 91)
synarthrotic joints immovable joints; sutures of the cranium (Radiology Prep, p. 91)
amphiarthrotic joints partially movable; intervertebral joints and symphysis pubis (Radiology Prep, p. 91)
gliding aka plane, least movement of a joint, sliding motion, intercarpal and intertarsal joints, acromioclavicular and costovertebral joints (Radiology Prep, p. 93)
pivot aka trichoid, rotation around a single axis (Radiology Prep, p. 93)
hinge aka ginglymus, flexion and extension, elbow joint, ip joints, kneee and ankle joints (Radiology Prep, p. 93)
ball and socket aka spheroid, flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, rotation, and circumduction, shoulder and hip joints (Radiology Prep, p. 93)
condyloid aka ellipsoid, flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, and circumduction (no rotation) , radiocarpal and mcp joints (Radiology Prep, p. 93)
saddle aka sellar, flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, and circumduction (no rotation), 1st cmc joint (thumb) (Radiology Prep, p. 93)
arthritis inflammation of a joint, pain swelling, stiffness, or deformity, involves articular cartilage (Radiology Prep, p. 93)
osteoporosis loss of bone mass, leads to bone fx, remodeling of bone growth fails causing bones to become frail (Radiology Prep, p. 93)
appendicular skeleton extremity bones, arms, legs, should, pelvic girdles, serve as attachments for muscles (Radiology Prep, p. 93)
hand anatomy 5 metacarpal bones, 14 phalanges (Radiology Prep, p. 95)
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