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RADT 465 Eq Op & QC

ARRT Registry Review Covering Equipment Operation and Quality Control

The electron cloud within the x-ray tube is formed by what process? Thermionic emission (Bushong, p. 118)
What is the voltage ripple associated with a three-phase, six-pulse rectified generator? 13% (Bushong, p. 99-100)
What is a slit camera used to measure? Focal-spot size and spatial resolution (Bushong, p. 307-308)
What is the minimum response time of an AEC? The shortest possible exposure time (Carlton and Adler, 102-103)
What are radiopaque objects used for? To test the congruency of a x-ray beam with the light (Carlton and Adler, p. 484)
What occurs as window level increases? Brightness increases (Fosbinder and Orth, p. 208)
What is the definition of quality control? Regular measurement and evaluation of radiographic equipment components and their performance (Fosbinder and Orth, pp. 222-223)
The kV settings must be within what range during annual testing? +/- 4 kV (Fosbinder and Orth, pp. 223-225)
What controls the path of electrons from the photocathode to the output phosphor? Electrostatic lenses (Carlton and Adler, pp. 569-570)
What does the input phosphor convert in the image-intensifier system? X-rays to light (Carlton and Adler, p. 536)
What is the formula for heat units for a three-phase, 12-pulse generator? Time X mA X kV X 1.41 (Carlton and Adler, p. 121)
How often should linearity and reproducibility be checked on radiographic equipment? Annually (Fosbinder and Orth, pp. 223-225)
What is located in the glass envelope that is a part of the induction motor? Rotor (Carlton and Adler, p.73)
What is located outside of the glass envelope that is a part of the induction motor? Stator (Carlton and Adler, p. 73)
How frequently are kV settings checked in radiographic equipment? Annually (Fosbinder and Orth, pp. 223-225)
What is the input phosphor composed of in the image intensifier? Cesium iodide (Bushong, p. 360)
During fluoroscopic exams, what compensates for changing thickness (patient/part)? Automatic brightness control (Bushong, 360)
What are CT x-ray tubes more likely to be associated with? Pulsed x-ray beam (Bushong, pp. 429-430)
What is included with the total brightness gain of an image intensifier? Flux gain and minification gain (Bushong, 351)
What device changes alternating current to unidirectional current? Solid-state diode (Bushong, p.119)
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