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Pharmacology Ch 3-5

matching set 1

A drug that is used "off label" means? the drug has never been approved
When answering the phone for a prescription refill, the following information is not necessary to be asked? what time the patient expects to pick the medication up from the pharmacy
Drug forms that are manufactured for dissolving in the mouth are? buccal and transmucosal tablets
Prescriptions of medications other than schedule II controlled substances may be? written, verbally transmitted by the medical office, and electronically transferred
What is not recognized as a general grouping route of administration of medication? transdermal
To assist the elderly with compliance? medication should be given at a convenient time, medication should be given in a convenient form, and the reason for prescribed medications should be explained
Gelatinous containers holding powders? capsules
If an allied health professional is not familiar with a medication where can they find the information for that drug? PDR and product information inserts
Factors that affect doses of medications in geriatric patients are? state of hydration, electrolyte balance, organ function, ability to comply with orders socially and economically
Medications considered relatively safe in pregnancy are found in? FDA category A
Drugs that are marked by R are? trade name drugs
The name that is owned by the manufacturer includes all except the? generic name
Variables that affect drug dosage and action? patient size, diet and gender
Geriatric patients may have unexpected reactions to medications because of? polypharmacy, dentition and slowed gastric mobility
What should be included in a medication order? Date, patients name, medication name, dosage, route of administration, and time or frequency of administration
Pregnancy category A Remote risk
Pregnancy category B slightly more risk
Pregnancy category C greater risk
Pregnancy category D proven risk of fetal harm, but indication for use may be present
Pregnancy category X proven fetal risk, no indication for use
What leads to polypharmcy OTC & legend drugs
Parts of a prescription Physician Information, Patient Heading, Superscription, Inscription, Signa, Subscription, Physicians signature, Refill line, DEA #
What color ink must be used for filling out prescriptions? blue or black ink
Drug forms and drug delivery systems solid, semisolid, liquid, gas
Oral medication forms solid, liquid, powder
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